New Fields of Dreams popping up in the Tri-Cities

Port Moody Westhill Sports Box Grand Opening

“If you build it, they will come.” Probably one of the most famous lines from any sports movie. This summer, all the Tri-Cities are building them, and while Shoeless Joe Jackson may not be coming, they’ll be around for all of us to enjoy.

Westhill Sports Box

The City of Port Moody just opened the new and improved Westhill Sports Box this past Saturday. The 1,560 square metre multi-sport facility supports lacrosse, ball hockey, basketball, soccer and other sports. Some of the highlights of this new building located at 200 Westhill Place include a permanent roof, new surfacing, LED lighting, player benches and places to sit and watch.

The City of Port Moody received a $681,332 grant from the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development’s Community Recreation Program to help redevelop the Westhill Sports Box. The total project cost was $1.36 million and took 7 months to complete.

Town Centre Park North Field

This summer the City of Coquitlam is creating another artificial turf field in Town Centre Park. As a parent who has stood in the rain at my kids soccer games, the Field Turf experience is so much nicer than being in the mud, and allows the surface to be used more days of the year.

The North Field is getting a full makeover with not only artificial turf but getting lights installed to better support both soccer and baseball.

North Field Constuction Area

Lions Park Upgrade

Not to be outdone, the City of Port Coquitlam is giving a major upgrade to Lions Park. The park’s playground and main pathway shuts down this week and construction will continue until October. Upgrades include a new washroom, which will open in conjunction with the new playground, along with a new pathway, plaza and picnic shelter.

Over the next three months, the park’s existing parking lot, washroom, picnic shelter and picnic areas will remain open and the construction site will be completely fenced. Any scheduled events in the park that do not include the playground will still take place.

The updated playground will retain the iconic tire dragon and include a water play feature, separate play areas for children ages two to five and ages six to 12. There will be a parent seating area and the new play equipment will be accessible by people of all abilities. It will be the first city-owned park to meet the requirements of the Corporate Accessible Play Spaces Policy, so all differently-abled kids can join in the fun. You can check it all out on the City of Poco website.

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