Get Back to Your WildRoots in Port Moody

Food trucks are all the rage in big cities across North America. If you spend any time in Vancouver, especially during the summer months, you can’t miss them. But what of the Tri-Cities? IF you’re on the hunt for healthy, fresh and tasty food on the go in Port Moody, you’ll want to check out WildRoots Juice Bistro. The food truck opened on June 11, 2014.

wildroots juice bistro food truck port moodyWildRoots says of themselves: “Our vision is to enable our customers and fellow community members to positively improve or sustain a healthy lifestyle through nutritious juices, smoothies and food options. We are offering a convenient and joyful experience all while nourishing the body from the inside out, for a positive life.” I recently stopped by to check out the healthy options for myself.

I caught up with WildRoots on Murray Street, parked near the boardwalk, with gorgeous views of Port Moody Inlet. After perusing the menu, and discovering they were out of their seasonal juice, I settled on a green juice and quinoa Greek salad. The total bill was $10.75, for a very large cup of juice and reasonably-sized salad. The duo manning the truck were very friendly and helpful, and answered all my questions happily. Still, I was a little leery about the juice. I had never tried green juice. How would it actually taste?

wildroots food truck port moody

I took my first sip of my juice in the car on the way home, and I had to remind myself to stop drinking it all before I got home, because I wanted to snap a photo of it. It tasted more like a mild, not-too-sweet fruit juice than a kale-heavy concoction. It was also surprisingly filling. There are a lot of veggies in this juice, and you can tell. While my kids gave it a wide berth, I found it surprisingly delightful. I now understand what all the green juice enthusiasts are on about.

port moody food truck wildroots juice bistroThe quinoa salad was also tasty, with plenty of feta in it. For me, any Greek-inspired salad is all about the feta. On top of the juice, it made for a nice, light lunch. I was full, but not overly-stuffed. If you’re a big eater you might want to opt for one of their mains (I have my eye on the roasted chicken wrap for a return visit), but if you want a quick bite on the go then a salad and juice is perfect. The food isn’t super-cheap, but you really do feel like you’re eating something healthy, and you’re supporting a local business in the process. Plus, the juice cups and lids are all recyclable, which I appreciated.

To find out where the WildRoots truck is located every day, stop by or follow them on Facebook or Twitter. They update their location as they move. Most of the time they seem to be located somewhere along Murray Street, or outside the Port Moody Recreation Complex. There’s usually lots of parking nearby if you’re not already within walking distance. And if you want your order ready when you arrive, text your order, name and time of desired pick-up to 778.838.5386.

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