The Tri-Cities Nacho Tour: Burrard Public House

Tri-Cities Nacho Tour Burrard Public House Port Moody

Often while making my way in the world, often I am overcome with the desire for something salty. Something cheesy. Something a little spicy. Yes my friends, it’s time once again for another installment of the Tri-Cities Nacho Tour™.

This week we’re headed to Port Moody, and the Burrard Public House. We have been there before when they first opened a few years back. The Burrard Public House is a homage to the original tenant of the building, the Burrard Hotel, built in 1939. It is on the register of Canada’s Historic Places as an example of Tudor revival architecture. There was an expansion in 1964, which is why it feels a little like a couple buildings stuck together. Apparently in the late 1930’s, people liked to drink in places that reminded them of Tudor England, without the highwaymen and bubonic plague of course. Today the pub has all the modern amenities, some fancy food, and even a ghost in the basement. I’m thinking that when the Burrard Hotel originally opened, nachos were not on the menu. Luckily modern sensibilities reign, and now we can get the king of all pub foods. On to the nachos…

Burrard Nachos 1

They are known as the Cheddar Jack Nachos. Vine ripened tomatoes, fresh salsa, jalapeños, and a drizzle of sour cream. First of all, the presentation quite nice. They’re on a nice white plate. The sour cream drizzle is a nice touch. Depends how you feel about sour cream. Your mileage may vary.

Burrard 2

The chips are very nice with a good salt balance. As I’ve said before, the thing that separates the nacho men from the nacho boys is how much cheese you’re getting. These nachos deliver. Good layering of the cheese as well, so you don’t get 10 good chips at the top and a bunch of dry crap at the bottom. The vegetables are balanced quite well, and they were cooked just right. No burnt chips or unmelted cheese to be found.

It’s not a huge plate for the money you are spending. $16.99 for the plate before getting the options like guacamole, chicken, pork, spicy beef, or ScotchGard. Official Nacho Taster® Mike and I split a little bit on these. He wasn’t too high on the sour cream drizzle. I gave these nachos higher marks. Perhaps it’s because I was drinking more, but get the cheese and chips right, and you’re getting the slow clap from me. As far as nachos you are going to find around Port Moody, these are a solid winner.

Tri-Cities Nacho Tour Score: 4 out of 5 nachos.

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