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2013 City of Coquitlam Annual Report

July 2nd is the day the garbage all changes in Coquitlam. The new carts have been delivered to about a third of homes now. The city reminds everyone to hold off on using the new bins until the official July 2nd start date. Those bins aren’t exactly easy for the current garbage folks to lift by hand.

The City of Coquitlam has just released their 2013 annual report. There are a lot of numbers in there. And the design is very pretty.

Continuing on the City of Coquitlam theme, Councillor Terry O’Neill has written a post on his blog about increasing supply of affordable housing. He contends that the only way to increase housing affordability is to increase the supply of market housing. I’m not sure that it’s simply supply and demand that dictate housing affordability in the Tri-Cities. The supply increase tends to come in the form of new homes or condos for purchase, not affordable rental housing. If you took a 40 year old 40 unit rental apartment building, and replace it with an 80 unit condo tower, the new condos will have increased the supply, but has clearly reduced the supply of affordable housing. But I agree that having the government in the housing business does not make sense. The middle way may be to have large developments set aside a certain amount of new development to affordable rental housing, like we see in the City of Vancouver a fair bit. But in the end, there are no easy answers.

If you missed getting in your two cents on the future of the Riverview lands, you can participate in their online open house until June 11th.

Are you in the City of Port Moody? Would you like to get together with your neighbours and host a block party this summer? Here’s the form where you can let the City know and get what you need to make it all happen.

A group is looking to help foster the development of tech companies in the Tri-Cities.

The Douglas College Marketing program put their skills to work to make videos for some Tri-Cities non-profits.

The Tri-City News has a new history feature on how the Fraser River is connected to the history of our community.

Finally, have you ever wondered what lies below the water at Belcarra Regional Park? A submersible camera gives us the answer.

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