Tri-Cities Mayors are road trippin’ across Canada

Somewhere in Western Ontario, in an overstuffed RV, the Mayors of the Tri-Cities are right now on a cross-Canada road trip heading to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities convention in Niagara Falls. They’re calling it Town Haul, visiting communities across the country to meet their fellow “Your Worships” and learn about how cities across the country tick. Their plan is to visit 23 cities in seven days. And we have proof that no one has killed each other yet, because they made a video just for us.

Before we get to that, though, we’ll fill you in on just why they’re doing this. The idea is simple: cities face similar problems, no matter their size and no matter where they’re located. By visiting more municipalities, the Tri-Cities mayors can see what is and isn’t working across Canada, and get ideas to bring back home. They’re also forging connections in each place they visit. Plus they have an unbeatable opportunity to play “I Spy” with each other during the long hours on the road.

If you visit their website at you can track their progress and find out what they’ve learned in each municipality they’ve visited so far. A few fun facts I learned just now:

  • Over 7 million people drive through Hope, BC every year.
  • Medicine Hat, Alberta is just completing a Concentrating Solar Thermal Project.
  • The son of Kamloops, BC Mayor Milobar plays football – or at least has been known to practice.
  • Whitewood, SK has a population of just under 1000 and was incorporated in 1892.

This is just a sampling, though – there’s so much more to learn about cities all across the country. You definitely have to check out the videos, as well. When our intrepid mayors aren’t playing “I Spy” they’re having some fun with their video editing software. Their greeting to us is a prime example:

We’re sure that Mayors Clay, Moore and Stewart will learn a lot on their trip. Our only question is whether or not they’ll share their lessons with Mayors Anderson and Drew of Anmore and Belcarra.

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