Links: School Budgets and Pretty Pictures

So after a lot of meetings and a lot of hand wringing, School District 43 passed their final budget. There’s a $16.3 million funding shortfall, so a lot of hard choices had to be made. Notable in the story is 91% of the district budget goes towards teaching salaries. With the BCTF and the province squaring off again in their ever-tiring saga of contract negotiations, I’m sure we’ll be doing the budget dance again soon.

Who likes other people’s stuff? The 4th Annual Klahanie Garage Sale is coming up on June 14th.

Looking for fun things to do around town? The May Events in Metro Vancouver post is up at Miss 604.

There certainly are some amazing photographers here in the Tri-Cities. Here are a couple of examples. Check out A Rainy, Port Moody Wedding from Jamie Delaine, and 7 day old Baby Ian from JLS Photography.

Do you like buns? I like buns, so does Foodology when they check out The Coffee Bun in Coquitlam

Finally the Fingerling Festival was this past Saturday in Port Moody, here’s one little guy’s experience from YouTube user HarveysWildRumpus.

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