Time to Register for City-Wide Garage Sales

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Have you been doing some spring cleaning? If so, you likely have a box (or five) full of stuff you don’t need or aren’t using anymore. If you have been meaning to run by the thrift store to donate it, you might want to re-consider. City-wide garage sales are coming to the Tri-Cities. Port Coquitlam will host its annual de-cluttering on April 26, 2014, while Port Moody and Coquitlam will follow suit on May 10, 2014.

Of course you could hold a garage sale anytime, but there are some reasons to do it during one of the city-wide events. There will be even more bargain hunters than usual combing city streets, lured by the promise of not just one or two sales but dozens. As well, the cities promote the sales at no cost to you. If you want to get in on the action, the deadlines are coming up fast, so pay close attention for all the info.

Port Coquitlam

The City of Port Coquitlam’s City-wide garage sale is coming up on April 26, 2014. The sixth annual event is part of the city’s ongoing waste-reduction efforts. Participants dispose of their unwanted items in an earth-friendly way, while benefiting from the additional bargain hunters drawn out by the large number of garage sales. Last year, over 70 households signed up. To register, register online by April 16, 2014.

More info: portcoquitlam.ca/Discover_Port_Coquitlam/Events___Attractions/City-wide_Garage_Sale.htm

Port Moody

Recycle or sell unwanted household items at Port Moody’s seventh annual City-Wide Garage Sale on Saturday, May 10, 2014. Last year, over 110 households participated in this long-standing event that’s as good for the environment as it is for your wallet. If you’ve got stuff taking up space in your rec room, think about passing it on – we also promote households giving away gently used items. To participate register online before April 28, 2014.

More info: portmoody.ca/index.aspx?page=43&recordid=1025&returnURL=%2findex.aspx


Coquitlam residents are encouraged to participate in community recycling by hosting a garage sale during the City Wide Garage Sale on May 10, 2014. Coquitlam is making progress when it comes to recycling and today approximately 55% of the waste we create is kept out of landfills through our collective efforts. In addition to putting some extra money in your pocket, your participation in community recycling initiatives, such as the City Wide Garage Sale, will help us reach the region’s waste diversion goal of 70% by 2015. To participate register online before April 17, 2014.

More info: www.coquitlam.ca/garagesale

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