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Easter Egg Hunts in the Tri-Cities: 2014 Edition

Port Moody Station Museum Easter Celebration 2014

Easter is coming up fast. With the big day coming up on April 20, 2014, thoughts are turning to bunnies and chocolate and fancy hats and, of course, Easter egg hunts. If you want to celebrate Easter here in the Tri-Cities, we have rounded up a few ideas that will make your holiday extra-festive. Port […]

Get Creative at the 2014 Youth Arts Festival

Port Moody Youth Arts Fest 2014

The Port Moody Youth Arts Festival is back and planning its third run on July 4 and 5, 2014. In past years the festival has featured Tri-Cities youth who range in age from 13 to 18 years old. There have been rock bands, short films, dance troupes, one-act plays and short story readings. There has […]

What’s Happening in the Tri Cities: Chocolate Tax and Gypsy Jazz

Heritage Woods Garbage Fashion Show 2014

Start the week with a destressing bout of yoga, and finish up with a distressing bout of realism perhaps. Weighty health matters are to the fore in Philosopher’s Cafe, while reduce, reuse, recycle is in vogue at Heritage Woods Secondary. Certainly a week to ponder on the way our society is moving. More events in […]

Get your Kids Involved with Arts at Michaels

Saturday and Sunday can be two of the most fun days or two of the most dreaded days for parents. It all depends on how well you plan ahead. And the weather. Really, it’s mostly the weather. If you have procrastinated on signing your kids up for fun and exciting activities every day for the […]

Links: Bailey Bridge Blowup and Ford Nation Fail

Rob Ford Fogge Dew Coquitlam

The 23rd annual Port Moody Ecological Society Fingerling Festival is coming up, and they are looking for a little help. They need some volunteers to help with the event, especially if you have Food Safe. If you have any prizes you can donate for the raffle table, that would also be greatly appreciated. Check out […]

Rebel Haunt: Your Friendly Local Theatre Group

As the spotlight on MC Jacob Gebrevold faded at the start of PoMo ArtsFest Gala opening, a collective sigh rippled from the audience as an amazing golden tableau shone out from the stage. In illuminated 3D, Rebel Haunt’s two actors stood posed as Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss and in true micro-epic form, told the story […]

Grow your own Bob the Builder at Home Depot

Bob the builder; can we fix it? Bob the builder; yes we can! If you don’t know the song, you should go watch the cartoon ‘Bob the Builder’ now. Right now! Or else you won’t quite know what I’m talking about for the next few hundred words. Those of you familiar with Bob and his group […]

What’s Happening in the Tri Cities: Bach to the Arts?

Minnekhada Creative Cafe Port Coquitlam

Moving along into spring at a swift click, the Tri Cities comes alive to the sound of music, the sound of speed networking and the sound of art exploding … or it might be artists doing the exploding. Whatever it is, enjoy but watch out for creative fallout. More events in The V3H Events Calendar. […]

April 2014 in Coquitlam’s Inspiration Garden

Coquitlam Inspiration Garden

Coquitlam’s Inspiration Garden is a great place to visit if you’d like to step up your gardening game, give your kids a chance to get up close and personal with where their food comes from, or just spend a little bit of time in nature. Located in the southeast corner of Town Centre Park, the […]

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