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Beedie Living Como Lake

There seems to be a lot of questions about urban growth in the zeitgeist these days. The Evergreen Line and the development around it are fully underway. So we’re seeing a lot of stories like “Burquitlam highrise worries neighbours” and editorials about saying goodbye to suburban sprawl.

Here’s what drives me nuts about stories like these. The people complaining about the new highrise going into Burquitlam are the people that live in a tower that went up in 1995. Towers that are 13 to 19 stories tall. I’m sure these 1995 towers “destabilized the community” back then. I don’t understand this stance that people think they should be the last people allowed to move into an area. Especially Burquitlam, which let’s face it hasn’t exactly been a model community for the past 50 years. The area in question is between Clarke and Como Lake. This was going to get developed. I’m looking forward to hearing about all these decreased property values in the next 10 years when these poor people can walk to Skytrain and their neighbour is no longer an adult video store.

A Port Moody institution is suddenly closing its doors. The Golden Spike Pub is no more.

I love this story. I would think it’s an effective way to get a ride when you have your thumb out. Coquitlam clown sightings trigger calls to police.

Alright everyone, bring your garbage in. Bear season in the Tri-Cities is under way.

I’m hungry, so we’re eating Sushi Hun in Poco

And finally, this is a neat video. Someone with a camera on a remote control helicopter takes a tour of Riverview Psychiatric Hospital in Coquitlam

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