April at Evergreen

Holmes and Watson Save the Empire Evergreen Cultural Centre

If you’re looking for great local music and theatre, you’ll want to check out what’s happening at Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coquitlam. All year long, the arts centre plays host to a variety of shows sure to please almost everyone. Plus, with ample parking and no long drive, the whole experience is worlds easier than taking in a show in downtown Vancouver. Here’s a brief sampling of what’s in store for April at Evergreen.

Holmes and Watson Save the Empire

April 1-5, 2014
The whole family will enjoy this musical farce based on Sherlock Holmes. Holmes and Watson have until midnight to solve the fiendish Moriarty’s deadly puzzle. Where is the QV2? What is Victoria’s secret? How on earth did Holmes end up on the stage of the Gaiety Music Hall? Who is the mysterious Nightingale of Nuremberg? And why is Watson wearing her dress? The show is recommended for children in grade four and up.
More info: www.evergreenculturalcentre.ca/theatre/theatre-series/holmes-and-watson

Van Django

April 11, 2014, 8:00pm
Enjoy an evening of acoustic string jazz. Van Django is violinist Cameron Wilson, guitarist Budge Schachte, guitarist/cellist Finn Manniche, and bassist Brent Gubbels. Their music is punchy, driving and rhythmically inventive, combining a wealth of musical influences while maintaining their roots in the gypsy jazz made famous by the 1930’s Quintet of the Hot Club of France.
More info: www.evergreenculturalcentre.ca/theatre/musical-presentations/van-django

A Spring Mix

April 12-13, 2014
This concert, presented by the Coquitlam Chorale, is a potpourri of song, showcasing a variety of styles and genres from different eras. This diverse repertoire offers something for everyone. The Chorale looks forward to sharing this wonderful music with you.
More info: www.coquitlamchorale.com/calendar.htm

Seduced by Moonlight

April 24-May 3, 2014
A middle aged couple who spent their entire marriage penning dime store romance novels now find themselves at a crossroads. What else can they do but sequester themselves away in a rustic cabin in the woods and try to rekindle their pens and their passion? Sparks fly and ink is spilled, and just as it appears that their paths are leading them in different directions, their own stock characters, renamed in novel after novel, now present themselves, secretly un-plotting the plot. Who is real? Who is writing who? Or is that whom? Come enjoy this hilarious romantic comedy that combines a winter chill with a bit of saucy spring warmth.
More info: stage43.org/content/seduced-moonlight

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