A Particular Class of Women Take Over Port Moody

A Particular Class of Women Inlet Theatre Port Moody

NeverYouMind Productions debuted their remount of Canadian playwright Janet Feindel’s A Particular Class of Women last October. After receiving overwhelmingly positive critical and audience response, they’re back and they’re coming to Port Moody starting tonight. From March 6-8, 2014, the show is taking over Port Moody’s Inlet theatre, starting at 8:00pm each evening.

A Particular Class of Women was inspired by a 1985 Ontario court case in which a judge minimized a crime committed against a stripper. The judge pointed out that the victim ‘was from a particular class of women whose profession is to promote lust’. The result is a play that explores the often-held stereotypes about women in the sex industry, and offers a chance to push both actor and audience comfort boundaries.

The same passionate cast of eight women who presented the first run are back, better and bolder than before. They’ll lure you into their dressing rooms at ‘the Cabaret Circus’ where they share intimate, hilarious, touching and eye-opening lives. You’ll learn what it was like to work in the skin trade in the mid 1980s, when burlesque was rapidly fading away in the club scene, and table dancing was becoming more and more popular. Obviously, this is not a show for children, but it definitely is worth getting a babysitter for.

As evidence of just what you’re in for, A Particular Class of Women first debuted in May 2012 with three of the actors from NeverYouMind Productions. It swept local theatre awards winning Best Costume, Best Director, Best Ensemble and Best Production. This is a play you’ll definitely want to see. Make sure you seize your opportunity to see it here in the Tri-Cities before it ends. Tickets are $28 for adults and $23 for students and seniors. To get yours visit www.neveryoumindproductions.com or call 604.551.0418.

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