What’s Happening in the Tri Cities: ArtsFest, ArtsFest and … ArtsFest (and some first aid for your cat)

Pomo Arts Fest Week 2014

This week Port Moody shows off its cultural savvy with a four-day extravaganza of an arts festival. As the posters say, “10 events over four days” – there’s something for everyone, even those big city Vancouver folks (jazz legend and free parking, anyone?).

If arts isn’t your thang, then the quaintly named Eagle Ridge fundraiser, Eat Your Heart Out dining event continues – nice to know you’re raising funds so that your local ER can replace organs MIA through over-indulgence …

More events in The V3H Events Calendar.

What:  PoMo ArtsFest
When:  from Thursday, February 20 to Sunday, February 23 (various times)
Where:  Inlet Theatre, Port Moody Civic Centre, 100 Newport Drive (map)
The skinny: Port Moody’s semi-annual celebration of its City of the Arts status, is brought alive by the Port Moody Arts Centre. There is jazz, classical music, slam poetry, storytelling, dance and much more. See the full schedule for details and download your own program. Accompanying art exhibitions are listed here.

  • Thursday, February 20 = Storytelling with Dan Bar-el 1:30pm, admission free; and Slam Poetry Performance 7pm, $12/ticket
  • Friday, February 21 = Festival Gala Reception – a World Jazz Performance by Kristian Alexandrov Trio: featuring Shannon Gaye with special guest Jens Lindemann 7pm Reception  |  8pm Performance  |  $35/ticket
  • Saturday, February 22 = Percussionworks!: A World of Percussion and Rhythms featuring Boris Sichon 2pm, $15/ticket; and Electronic Orchestra Family Night Performance: Digital Guise 7pm, $20/ticket
  • Sunday, February 23 = Russian Favourites – In The Footsteps of Glinka, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff 11am, $15/ticket; and Classical Music Afternoon, followed by a tea & scones reception 1pm, $12/ticket; and Steps on the Road of World Cultures: Cultural Fusion and Dance Performance 7pm, $20/ticket with Silk Road Music & Wen Wei Wang followed by Festival Wrap Party Reception

Tickets are available online or from Port Moody Arts Centre (2425 St. Johns Street), in person or by phone.
More info: 604.931.2008

What: Hiking for Beginners
When:  Thursday, February 20 from 7:00 – 9:30pm
Where: Glen Pine Pavilion, 1200 Glen Pine Court (map)
The skinny: A slide show and educational session for wilderness novices and newbies presented by Ian McArthur and the City of Coquitlam. The session includes, a top ten of what to pack, plus a few tips on where to go. A good companion to our occasional hiking posts series to get you out and about safely. Registration $8 #448211.
More info: 604.939.4039

What:  Salon Speaker Series: Dr. Corey Hamm
When:  Thursday, February 20 from 7:30 – 9:00pm
Where:  Place des Arts, 1120 Brunette Avenue (map)
The skinny:  Spend the evening with international pianist, Corey Hamm, in an exploration of ancient music with a modern twist.  Go back in time to the twentieth century to listen as Hamm introduces music that has moved him, from living composers – i.e., none of those decomposing relics of yester year. Admission $5 + GST.
More info: box office 604.664.1636

What: Outerbridge: Clockwork Mysteries
 Friday, February 21 from 8:00 – 10:00pm
Where:   Evergreen Cultural Centre, 1205 Pinetree Way (map)
The skinny:   Come time travelling with Ted and Marion Outerbridge in an illusion and spectacular show for all ages. Billed as a bizarre and energetic show, I’m sure your cheeks will be exhausted from gripping the edges of your seat by the end of the evening. Tickets $35, $30 and $15 available from the box office.
More info:  604.927.6555

What: Macy Gray
When:  Saturday, February 21 from 8:00pm
Where:   Hard Rock Casino, 2080 United Boulevard (map)
The skinny:   Chanteuse (yes, I’ve been dying to type this word into a post for ages) Macy Gray settles in the Tri Cities to delight audiences were her bubbly vocals this evening. Maybe she’ll give a nseak preview of her new album allegedly in the works? Let me know if she does. Tickets are $44.50, $49.50 & $59.50 plus service charges.
More info:  604.523.5361

What:  Faculty Concert: A Celebration of Czech Music IV
When:  Saturday, February 22 from 7:30 – 9:00pm
Where:  Place des Arts, 1120 Brunette Avenue (map)
The skinny:  Proving what a talented bunch they are, Place des Arts faculty belt out another series of Czech pops in this popular series of concerts. This is a cosy and approachable way to get to know the music, the faculty and the arts facility at your local arts school. It’s also a civilised way to get the weekend going. Admission: Students & Seniors $13|Adults $15 + GST
More info: box office 604.664.1636

What: Disaster Pet Care and Basic First Aid
When:  Monday, February 24 from 7:00 – 8:45pm
Where: Poirier Public Library, 575 Poirier Street (map)
The skinny: Know what to do and when to do it for your furry, finned, scaly and feathered friends !!!!IN CASE OF CATASTROPHE!!!!!. Unlike the human versions of this course, this one will cost $10 to register but it does include a starter first aid kit for the pets. Register online, in person at any Rec Centre (Coquitlam) or by phone.
More info: 604.927.4386 course id #445811

What:  Yarilo Scholarship Competition
Monday, February 24 from 7:00 – 8:00pm
Where:  Inlet Theatre, Port Moody Civic Centre, 100 Newport Drive (map)
The skinny:   Just when you thought Port Moody couldn’t possibly squeeze any more arts out, along comes the Yarilo Scholarship competition. Free to watch, this is a great opportunity to spot the stars of tomorrow from the comfort of your own community theatre.
More info: 604.469.4722

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