Find Inner Peace at Cloud 9 Float Spa

As life gets busy, sometimes all you want to do is float away to an isolated island for a couple of days. While that isn’t really a feasible idea, Cloud 9 Float Spa gives us the opportunity to float in a pod of water and relax. The spa uses special float tanks that isolate you from the real world and its many problems. Cloud 9 Float Spa is located in Coquitlam and is a unique wellness spa, that offers a relaxing, holistic experience the second you walk through the front door. It is a space where customers are allowed to effortlessly let go, unplugging from the busy outside world and relax.

About Float Tanks

Cloud 9 offers four different types of float tanks for your convenience. While they are all different, each is designed to leave you feeling relaxed and regenerated at the end of the session. Float tanks are most frequently used for personal development, physical recovery, psychological and other physiological benefits.

Image courtesy Cloud 9 Float Spa

Float Away Pod. Image courtesy Cloud 9 Float Spa

Cloud 9’s float tanks range from private and personal pods that look like futuristic beds taken from a sci-fi film like The Fifth Element to poolsmade for those who may not feel comfortable being confined to a small, tight space. The spa also offers rooms for couples or close friends who want to spend time and share this unique experience together.

What to Expect

When your session begins, you are led to the pod of your choosing and the room is devoid of all light. You are given earplugs that will be used to ensure removal of all external sound. The tank itself is filled with about 11” of water of which has over 900 pounds of Epsom salt mixed in. All of these conditions combine to freeyou from the senses of touch, pressure, and friction, sound and light. This leaves you in an environment of complete peace and quiet.

Apart from the Float Tank experience Cloud 9 customers also have access to a changing area, towels, toiletries, access to a shower and everything else that they might need.

What Else is Offered

Apart from the float spas, Cloud 9 Float Spa also offers a Hydro Massage Bed. This tool surprises everyone. The best way to picture it is a waterbed that produces a powerful wave of warm water that washes over your back as you lay down.

If you have any questions, you can drop by, call or send an email to

Cloud 9 Float Spa

1192 Lansdowne Drive, Coquitlam

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