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Red Robinson Show Theatre Coquitlam Boulevard Casino

So as we reported a while back, the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam will be rebranding itself as the Hard Rock Casino on December 20th. Great Canadian Gaming continues to run the facility with the licensed name. So far so good. The Boulevard branding was always a little scattered, and anything they want to do to increase foot traffic so the City of Coquitlam ends up with more gaming revenue is all good. But now word comes out that as part of the rebranding, the Red Robinson Theatre will also be renamed. Way back in the year 2006, the theatre was named in honour of the legendary DJ who recently celebrated 60 years on the radio. The man often credited with bringing rock music to Vancouver. Someone who is not only a great guy, but has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I’m not sure how his name doesn’t fit with the “Hard Rock” branding. Lately there seems to be some wavering on the part of Great Canadian management, so head to to sign the petition.

SHARE Family and Community Services are looking for some help over the Christmas holidays. Last year SHARE helped 1,662 households make their Christmas a little more special, and they need some help to bring the joy to even more families this year. To volunteer with the Food Bank call 604.931.2451, or email Heather at

The financial uncertainty continues at School District 43. They’re pretty sure they’re going to break even, but there are still some grants that they aren’t quite sure are going to come through. At the same time, they are replacing their student information system with something called ConnectEdBC. The article states that the old system they had, BCeSIS (love the strange acronyms) was too costly and a pain to use. But the new system costs $10 per student per year, same as the old system. Now with around 30,000 students in the district at $10 a head a year, I think I need to break out my MySQL skills and get into the school database business. Certainly a step up financially from “community blogger”.

Also on the unsustainable finances beat, the Village of Anmore is in trouble according to this article in the Now. Turns out if you establish a place as a low population property tax haven, then you want, I don’t know, infrastructure and stuff, you may not have the money to pay for it. It’s like Anmore is our own little State of California, without any of the fun of Disneyland. Hate to be a broken record, but why do we have five municipal governments around here?

Finally though, as we can see by this time lapse video, even with five municipal governments, it’s pretty great around here.

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  1. I signed the petition but it should be noted that Red was NOT inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Your source is incorrect. He would however make a very good inductee and one day maybe he will be honoured with an induction into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.