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Evergreen Line Closure Barnet Highway November 2013

The first big road closure of the Evergreen Line construction is upon us. The Barnet Highway between Ioco Road and Dewdney Trunk Road will be closed from this Friday, November 8th until November 12th, 2013. This may happen the next weekend, from November 15th to 18th if they can’t get it done over Remembrance Day.

Under that bridge that goes over the CPR, the crews will be shoving a large concrete structure that will end up being a part of the station platform and guideway. You’ll be able to get around either along Murray Street to the north, or along Dewdney Trunk road to the south. You can get all the closure information, and see some lovely artist renderings of what the final Inlet Centre Station will look like on the Evergreen Line website.

In other news, the City of Coquitlam has purchased the Booth Farm. On the property at 1746 Brunette Ave is a 112 year old house. From the release…

It was identified in the Maillardville Heritage Inventory as a “Primary Building” having architectural, historical and contextual heritage significance to the community.

The acquisition and preservation of Booth Farm aligns with the City’s Heritage Strategic Plan, and was specifically identified as a priority in the recently-drafted Maillardville Neighbourhood Plan.

Now while the City has preserved one of the oldest houses in Maillardville, they aren’t sure, or they aren’t saying, what they plan on doing with the place. There will be a “more detailed analysis” forthcoming.

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  1. …are you ready to park your car next Monday?

    The Murray overpass is a detour route due to the closing of the Barnet Highway bridge between Ioco Road and Dewdney Trunk Road.

    In the past, during the Remembrance Day ceremonies traffic from the Murray overpass has normally been diverted up Moody St to St. Johns due to the closure of Clarke Street.

    Could the Evergreen planners have chosen a worse day of the year (than Remembrance Day) to close the Barnet if they had tried?

    Probably not!

  2. Scott Cowan says:

    John, to answer your question, yes they could have found an even worse day of the year – and they even tried to!

    First time this closure to insert the concrete station structure was mentioned, it was scheduled for the Thanksgiving long weekend. You know, the weekend when EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG hits the road to go have dinner with relatives? I’m sure the only reason it didn’t happen then is because they were too far behind schedule with the construction.

    Stay tuned for future closures, probably scheduled for Christmas/New Years and Canada Day/Golden Spike Days! 🙂