Carsharing Parks Itself in the Tri-Cities

Modo Car Share Coquitlam

If you visit Vancouver, you can see them pretty much everywhere: car sharing services, which allow members the freedom to use a car without bearing the burdens and expenses of owning their own vehicle. Unfortunately, those of us in the suburbs have been left out. Or, at least, we were until now.

Thanks to cooperation between the City of Coquitlam and Modo The Car Co-op, the first car sharing service has officially arrived in the Tri-Cities. It seems Coquitlam has been actively working to explore ways to bring car sharing tothe community. When Evergreen Line construction made it necessary to relocate a vehicle from Lougheed Skytrain Station, Modo approached the city in hopes of finding a new Coquitlam location for the car. As of November 4, 2013 the 2013 red Toyota Prius C is located on Rochester Avenue near Westview Street.

Mayor Richard Stewart says, “The City of Coquitlam is very much committed to addressing the needs of our residents, who have been calling for enhanced, environmentally-responsible, transportation options, such as carsharing.” Apparently, Coquitlam isn’t alone in this, as Mayor Steward goes on to say, “Together with Mayors Clay and Moore, I’ve met with the region’s three main carsharing entities, and I’m very excited to see the first shared car coming to Coquitlam thanks to Modo. I hope that this prompts the full expansion of this service into the Tri-Cities.”

Modo is a not-for-profit carshare co-op with almost 10,000 members and business drivers across Metro Vancouver. It confirms that its first Tri-Cities car will be joined by many more shared vehicles in the future, with the development of the Evergreen Line paving the way. Modo Executive Director Phil Baudin says, “With the arrival of rapid transit to the Tri-Cities, carsharing will become a much more viable option. As a result, more people will have the option to live car-free, using transit, cycling, walking – and the occasional carshare vehicle – to meet their transportation needs. I look forward to seeing the development of our network in Coquitlam.”

It may be a little too soon to give up your car if you don’t happen to live at Rochester and Westview, but the signs are good that soon Tri-Cities residents will have yet another transportation option to rely on. Which means we, too, will be able to park in the sweet carshare reserved spaces at IKEA. I, for one, can hardly wait.

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