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International Day of the Nacho

There were two things I wanted to write about today, neither having anything to do with the other. But that’s not gonna stop me.

First of all, we love the mighty nacho here at TheV3H. In fact, we have slowly been making our way through all the cheesy goodness the Tri-Cities has to offer on the never ending Tri-Cities Nacho Tour. What I neglected to observe was this past Monday, October 21st, was the International Day of The Nacho.

Legend has it the Nacho was created by Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya. He had a restaurant called the El Moderno in Coahuila, Mexico. Back in the 1940’s, he melted cheese over tortillas cut into triangles with jalapeños. He called them “Nachos Especiales”. While “Nacho” Anaya died in 1975, in the 1990’s the International Day of the Nacho was create to commemorate the invention. According to Wikipedia, the International Day of the Nacho is “observed chiefly by eating nachos.” Sounds like the perfect holiday observance to me. Now what does all this have to do with the Tri-Cities? Nothing.

On Saturday something that does impact the Tri-Cities happened: the Coquitlam by-election came to a conclusion. Chris Wilson, who ran for the provincial NDP in Coquitlam-Burke Mountain in the last election gained a seat on council, with Bonita Zarrillo getting the other spot. With a 9.23% voter turnout and the all-powerful CUPE endorsement, Wilson and Zarrillo defeated former councillors Doug Macdonell and Barrie Lynch, as well as Teri Towner in her first run for office. This sets up an interesting contest in the November 2014 general election.

Congratulations to all those who put their names forward to help make Coquitlam a better place. Now, if you have any suggestions for how to encourage more than 8,036 folks to get out and vote in municipal elections, we’re sure all the candidates who will be running next year would love to hear them. I for one vote for free nachos at polling stations. Mmm, nachos.

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