Spooky Tri-Cities

Spooky Tri-Cities

With today being Halloween, many BC cities are running ‘haunted’ tours, taking visitors and locals alike to locations reputed to play host to ghosts. Indeed, Mackin House Museum in Coquitlam played host to the Maillardville Ghost Walk and Mini Psychic Fair only last week. This led us to wonder – how do the Tri-Cities stack up? Are we rife with ghost stories, or phantom-free?

It turns out there are spooky tales associated with several spots around the Tri-Cities. Today we’re highlighting a few.

Burrard Public House

Formerly known as Jake’s Crossing, the location that now houses the Burrard Public House in Port Moody is reported to be haunted by David James “Slim” Kirkpatrick. Slim lived in the pub’s basement, serving as its unofficial caretaker. Since that time, reports of strange events have come out of the building. Many of the staff have reported strange phenomena like noises and lights. Some of these actions seem directed at them personally, like furniture moving or a fridge they had just closed opening again.

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Coquitlam Four-Plex

The owners of a four-plex apartment building in Coquitlam decided to improve their property in the 1980s by adding a stone walkway. Apparently, the paving stones turned out to be headstones from children’s graves at Woodlands School. Residents of the four-plex reported ghostly activity, including a toaster turning on by itself. They also claimed to see small ghostly faces peering at them. One resident moved out after a particularly frightening encounter. Eventually, apparently, the stones were removed and the haunting stopped.

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Port Moody Station Museum

The train station turned museum in Port Moody is reportedly haunted. Staff members claim to have heard ghostly footsteps and unusual knocking sounds, and say they have felt a ghostly “presence”. Apparently it’s strongest in the basement vault and stairwells. In July 2004 a staff member who was in the building along said that a doorknob in the next office began twisting. No one knows if the ghosts are still upset that the rail line continued on to Vancouver ruining their real estate values, but we think they probably are.

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Riverview Hospital

While we debate what to do with the Riverview grounds, we’re thinking about how humans can best benefit from the heritage site, but what about ghosts? There are numerous reports of eerie activity from former staff members, residents and visitors. For example, staff members heard voices in empty rooms, doctors have told stories of instruments flying in the air in the operating room, and security patrols have been called to investigate patients’ bells ringing in condemned buildings. There are also stories of feeling suddenly cold, or seeing ghosts. Whether it’s the power of suggestion that comes from old, empty buildings or there’s something to it, there’s no denying that Riverview can be more than a little spooky.

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