2013 Terry Fox Run: Port Coquitlam and Beyond

Terry Fox Run 2013 Port Coquitlam Port Moody

September is here and the kids are back at school. This means that the Terry Fox run isn’t far away. For those of us in the Tri-Cities, it’s a chance to celebrate a great Canadian and a true hometown hero. If you’d like to learn more about Terry head to the Terry Fox Library in his hometown of Port Coquitlam. There is a quiet sitting area in the library that is surrounded by photos of Terry Fox where you can enjoy your read.

Why September?

Every year the world remembers Terry Fox and the battle he lost but bravely fought. In Canada Terry Fox Runs raise money for cancer research every September, a month that Terry chose because this is the month when he had to stop his run across Canada to fight the cancer that eventually took his life. This means it’s the month when we had to take over and start running for him. This year it is on Sunday, September 15, 2013, and there are four runs happening in the Tri-Cities.

No Entry Fee. No Minimum Donation.

The Terry Fox Foundation is a grassroots organization, an independent entity from other cancer organizations. The over 9000 Terry Fox Runs they organize each year are put on 100% by volunteers. There is no entry fee required, no minimum pledge, no sponsorship and it is non-competitive. According to the Terry Fox Foundation, Terry wanted everyone to be able to participate and support the run, whether or not they could afford an entry fee, and whether or not they were great runners.

Create a Team

The Terry Fox Foundation encourages people to form teams. Round up your co-workers for a great team building event, gather family to run in honour of a loved one lost or meet up with friends for a fun day of running to show your support of this important cause. The Terry Fox Foundation provides some great team ideas on their website. I would recommend checking it out to inspire your group – or there is also the option of joining an existing group, as well.

Terry Fox Runs in the Tri-Cities

Terry Fox Hometown Run, Port Coquitlam

Location: Hyde Creek Community Centre, 1379 Laurier, Port Coquitlam
Registration: 8:00, Run Start: 10:00am
This is the largest run in the Tri-Cities. There are 10km, 6km and 2.5km routes. Run, walk, skateboard, ride your bike, rollerblade and more on this wheelchair accessible route. Dogs on leash are welcome. There will be live music at the start/finish area to keep the energy high!


Location: Blue Mountain Park
Registration: 9:30am, Run Start: 10:15am
There are 10 km, 6km and 2km routes. The run is suitable for bicycles, wheelchairs/strollers and rollerblades. Dogs on leash are welcome.

Port Moody

Location: Rocky Point Park
Registration: 9:00am, Run Start: 10:00am
There are 10 km, 5km and 2km routes along Shoreline Trail, looping back to Rocky Point Park. The run is suitable for bicycles, wheelchairs/strollers and rollerblades. Dogs on leash are welcome.


Location: Village Hall on Sunnyside Road
Registration: 11:00am, Run Start: 12:00pm
There are 2.5km and 4.5km routes. The run is suitable for bicycles, wheelchairs/strollers and rollerblades. Dogs on leash are welcome.

National School Run Day

There is also the National School Run Day being held this year on September 26, 2013. Check with your Tri-Cities school for more details or if they are not currently participating, learn how they can by clicking here.

For more information about the runs, volunteer opportunities and about our local hero, visit The Terry Fox Foundation website.

“I believe in miracles. I have to.” ~ Terry Fox

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