Tae Geuk Taekwondo: Kickin’ it in the Tri-Cities

Tae Geuk Taekwondo has been around for over 18 years in Port Moody. In that time it has spawned a few junior and senior Olympians as well as a number of accomplished competitors in various tournaments at provincial, national and international levels. Master Lim is an accomplished competitor both as a participant and as a coach, including coaching Team Canada in Taekwondo and serving the Taekwondo Canada organization in support of the national team.

Tiger Tots in Action Tae Guk Taekwondo Port Moody

Tiger Tots in Action!

Master Lim was out of town working with the National Team when I visited the dojang – Korean for training gym – but I had a good conversation with Instructor Phil. I’m familiar with taekwondo after having studied it myself while living in South Korea. My young son has expressed some interest in in trying taekwondo, so it made sense to visit some training facilities and see what was available in the Tri-Cities. Phil explained the general philosophy around taekwondo, usually called the ‘Five Tenets of Taekwondo’, that include courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit and modesty. He also explained how these values are taught at the school. Of course taekwondo offers physical training benefits and instruction in self defence but of equal importance are the lessons learned that build character.

Team Tae Geuk: focus, respect, discipline, confidence

Team Tae Geuk: focus, respect, discipline, confidence

Team Tae Geuk studies the World Taekwondo Federation style of taekwondo, which means that their style is the one that is featured in the Olympic games. The programs at Tae Guk cover all ages from three year olds – the Tiger Tots (3-5) – all the way up to ‘seniors’ which are the adult classes. Other groups include ‘Little Tigers’ (6-10), ‘Junior Tigers’ (11-15), ‘Senior Tigers ‘(16+) and ‘Olympic’ (10+, by invitation). Classes are arranged around these age groups. Lessons include sparring classes as well as traditional classes that include the intricate patterns that all taekwondo students learn. Tae Geuk also offers a couple of morning ‘Cross Kick’ classes for women interested in a fast-paced workout.

The Tae Guk 'Taekwondo Taxi'

The Tae Guk ‘Taekwondo Taxi’

Setting Tae Geuk apart from other martial arts studios, the ‘Taekwondo Taxi’ picks kids up at school and takes them to the dojang for an after-school taekwondo lesson as an alternative to traditional after-school care. Parents then pick up their children after work and after their child has participated in a physical workout that is sure to burn some of the pent up energy left after a long school day.

Tae Geuk Taekwondo

2302A Clarke Street, Port Moody

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