I Like ‘That Place’

Well-stocked bar at That Place for Pasta and Pizza

I’d never heard of That Place 4 Pasta & Pizza – and yes, that is the name of the restaurant – until I did searched online for Italian food in the Tri-Cities. I was looking for a new place to try and it popped up and had a number of positive reviews from various websites. As the kids were spending the night with Grandma, we ventured out.

After coming along Brunette Avenue from the ‘wrong’ direction, Westbound, we were stuck on the wrong side of the road and at a loss as to where to turn – one pretty much has to go to New Westminster to do a U-turn. Anyway, heading back Eastbound on Brunette, not far from the corner at Lougheed, we parked in front of the unassuming facade of That Place. It was a Wednesday evening and there were only a few other patrons so we were welcomed and seated right away. Apparently the crowds are unpredictable, and other times getting a seat is a challenge.

Tiramisu dessert - awesome!

Tiramisu dessert – awesome!

We chose to forgo an appetizer in favour of a later dessert, and scanned the menu for suitable entrees. For me, ordering in an Italian restaurant means seeking out something I don’t cook at home, usually a baked dish as opposed to spaghetti and meatballs. The pollo alla parmigiana caught my eye right away. Another notable stand out was the gnocchi quattro fromaggi, which my wife chose, ensuring I got a taste of at least two menu items of interest to me.

Barely a glass of red later, we were presented with our piping hot dishes. I dug in immediately as I’d let my hunger build in anticipation of a new restaurant, which is why the photo shows but a portion of parmigiana. My pollo alla parmigiana was flanked by a spaghetti olio – olive oil and chili peppers – that I absolutely loved. Apparently some find it too spicy but I found it had just a nice little kick…I’m pretty used to spicy foods, though, and if it doesn’t make me break out in a sweat, it’s ‘just got some kick’. The chicken was nicely breaded and didn’t feel too oily or greasy, which can sometimes happen with parmigiana.

I couldn't wait!

I couldn’t wait!

Overall, I liked the meal but will have to admit, I’ll be getting something else the next time I try That Place – mostly because the gnocchi quattro fromaggi was soooooo delicious! Luckily for me, my wife just couldn’t get through all those little potato dumplings smothered with four different cheeses, including gorgonzola. I’ll admit it was very rich but it was oh, so good for cheese lovers like us.

Gnocchi Quattro Formaggi: my next order.

Gnocchi Quattro Formaggi: my next order.

Gnocchi is on my list of ‘things to get’ as I’ve made it at home with mixed results and prefer to order it out. That Place does it right. The little dumplings were cooked nicely, still firm and not at all sticky or chewy as sometimes happens with gnocchi. Once covered with four cheeses and baked, the dish reached a new level of deliciousness. I highly recommend you check out That Place 4 Pasta & Pizza for the pasta. I’ll have to let you know on the pizza as I did not try it myself but after witnessing a delivery to a neighbouring table, it sure looks worth trying.

Well-stocked bar at That Place for Pasta and Pizza

Well-stocked bar at That Place for Pasta and Pizza

A couple of reviews I read online comented on the ‘disjointed’ nature of the decor and ambiance, referring to the lack of definition between its bistro feel and decor, it’s bar and the inclusion of TVs high up on the wall. There may be some truth to this, though I did not find it distracting or unpleasant. Really, when an acoustic guitar version of “O Sole Mio” is playing and you are enjoying your pasta with a nice red, who cares if there is a muted baseball game on?

That Place 4 Pasta & Pizza

932 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam

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