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With the kids heading back-to-school, local parents can expect to soon be getting all kinds of fundraising notices. Leann Fox is a local mom who saw the opportunity for innovation. A new business – BackPAC Fundraising – was born. Today she tells us a little bit more about what she’s doing.

BackPAC Fundraising is a local company that is owned and operated out of Port Moody. Its primary purpose BackPAC is to support elementary school PACs (Parent Advisory Committees) by offering fundraising services, a healthy hot lunch program for students, on-line resources and support, as well as website development for PACs.

Over the past few years there has been a large emphasis on healthy foods and eating, primarily within the school system. Surprisingly, though, a lot of schools still continue to offer fast food options for their hot lunch program. In most cases this type of food does not fall into the category of ‘healthy eating’ that the school board is trying to promote with their ‘ActNow BC’ initiative. With this in mind, BackPAC Fundraising is very excited about teaming up with Chef Marcus VonAlbrecht of Mava Foods in Richmond to offer our children a variety of fresh, local, preservative and MSG free foods.

BackPAC’s owner also loves the fact that Chef Marcus has a large gluten-free and peanut-free menu, along with vegan and vegetarian options, allowing all children the opportunity to participate in a hot lunch program. Chef Marcus’s motto is Eat Fresh, Eat Local, Eat Healthy, and BackPAC is proud to be working with him and offering his menu with flavors from around the world!

Questions on Fundraising? BackPAC Fundraising has chosen a large selection of fundraisers, specifically designed to offer the most profit for a schools PAC. Whether the school has an active PAC or a lack of parent volunteers, whether they need help with one fundraiser, four, or even more, BackPAC looks after the fundraiser from start to finish. In most cases no parent volunteers are needed.

BackPAC Fundraising was conceived after Leann volunteered for many years on her sons’ elementary school PAC. She found a niche working within a PAC, alongside parents and teachers, but mostly supporting the school and children’s needs within the fundraising system. After being laid off from Metro Vancouver Parks in September 2012 as a film coordinator, she was successful in being accepted into the Douglas College SE program, which allowed her to explore and to follow her passion of being a business owner and doing what she loves – supporting and helping her local and surrounding community.

For more information on BackPAC Fundraising and their services please visit or email

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