Art in the Park 2013

Art in the Park 2013 Minnekhada Port Coquitlam

If you’ve been paying attention, you are no doubt aware that Port Coquitlam and Port Moody are both celebrating their 100th birthdays with big shindigs this weekend. While Coquitlam isn’t doing anything to mark their big 1-2-2 this year, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t lots of fun to be had in the biggest of the Tri-Cities. This weekend, in fact, it’s all about connecting art and nature, at the annual Art in the Park Festival.

Art in the Park takes place at one of the Tri-Cities’ hidden gems, Minnekhada Park. Minnekhada Lodge was built on the site in 1934 to serve as a country retreat and hunting lodge for Eric W. Hamber. Hamber later became Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, and after him Lietuenant-Governor Colonel Clarence Wallace called the lodge home. The estate has hosted royalty and officials, but since the province donated the site to the region in 1984, it has been part of the Metro Vancouver park system. Minnekhada Park covers 200 hectares in Northeastern Coquitlam, and features some really great, family-friendly hiking trails, and of course the historic lodge.

Each year artists take over the park for the annual festival, and this year is not exception. The 5th annual event is happening on August 17 and 18, 2013, from 11:00am-4:00pm on Saturday and 10:00am-4:00pm on Sunday. Pressented by the Minnekhada Park Association, Art in the Park offers visual arts, live jazz, roving performers, arts workshops, an outdoor cafe, First Nations dancers and environmental art installations. Artists of different origins and disciplines will have a chance to get together and share their passion in a beautiful park. You will be able to see the artists inside Minnekhada Lodge, and in tents, and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a piece to take home.

The event aims to marry visual arts with natural beauty. It’s a great way to meet with local artists, and discover more about our region’s rich heritage. It’s also a great excuse explore Minnekhada Park with your friends and family, whether for the first time or the 50th.

Admission to Art in the Park is free, and there is free parking available in the Quarry Parking Lot. To get there take Lougheed Highway to Coast Meridian Road northbound. Travel 2.5km and turn right on Victoria Drive. Keep left on Victoria to Quarry Road, and park at the Parking Area at Quarry Road Entrance. For those that need it, there will be a free shuttle between the parking lot and Minnekhada Lodge.

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