From Skate Shack to Custom Chateau – Rocky Point Ice Cream

As the tagline says, “scooping since 1997”.

If you were among the lucky hordes at Rocky Point Park on Father’s Day this year, your ice cream fix came at 1997 prices. Why? 1997 was the year Jamie Cuthbert started his Rocky Point Ice Cream business, and Father’s Day 2013 was the grand opening of the new, custom-built ice cream parlour.

Back in 1997, Rocky Point Ice Cream went hand-in-hand with Jamie’s first business, inline skate rentals. The skates changed to kayaks (!) but the scooping remained. Since then, as regular visitors will know, the frozen summer treats were served out of what can be affectionately referred to as a shack tacked on to the side of Rocky Point Swimming Pool. Judging by the queues outside, the Messy Face competition entries and the ever-popular doggy cones, a very popular shack it was indeed. Rocky Point Ice Cream was, and still is, a very welcome institution in the park, especially in the summer.

But a shack no more – fast forward to 2013. And welcome to a brand new, custom-built ice cream parlour.

Rocky Point Ice Cream

Jamie and his wife Yvette now have a designer frozen treats chateau beside the pool. Designed with ice cream in mind, the building features dehumidification fans to keep the atmosphere pleasant even in the middle of our summer heat wave and a very classy extended serving counter. Not only is the range of flavours greater, but the treats are made in-house too.

When the Cuthberts started designing their dream ice cream home, they went on a fact-finding road trip to visit centres of excellence to refine their dream, and even took part in an ice cream convention in South Carolina. They brought home ideas, equipment and recipes, as well as the inspiration to make the changes. The Grand Opening of the new parlour took place on Father’s Day this year, and the queues once more stretched out of the door.

One of the first things I noticed, once I took my eyes off the delicious range of flavours available in the sleek coolers, were the real teaspoons for tasting sessions. Rocky Point Ice Cream is doing its best to reduce waste – serving in edible cones is a given, but using real non-disposable cutlery is another step.  Paper receipts are also near-history since the tills use Square Register and can send out email receipts to customers who request them.

vintage soda fountain

Another eco-sensible step by the business is to source locally and use fresh organics as much as possible. The custom dairy blend, specially formulated to Rocky Point Ice Cream’s requirements, comes from Abbotsford. The soda syrups, sitting atop the 1940’s refurbished vintage soda fountain, are made organically in Whistler. Soft fruits are bought in bulk from local sources and then hand-processed on the premises – according to Jamie, this meant buying every de-huller at Eden West and spending hours among pallets of Fraser Valley strawberries one day.

These efforts are well reflected in the flavours now on offer. Although old-school faves such as orange tigertail and bubblegum are still in the freezers, customers can now sample flavours ranging from maple bacon to earl grey with honey. After extensive testing, I can personally recommend the honey lavender with its real flower buds, the lemon greek yogurt with candied chunks of lemon, the salted caramel, the lemon basil sorbet, espresso flake … (being a writer is such hard work).  My junior sidekick enthusiastically endorses the bubblegum and the Rocky Point Road flavours.

We don’t have a dog but the four-legged customer outside the shop one day looked very satisfied with the new Doggy Ice Cream.

The Cuthberts are planning to keep the ice cream parlour open longer into the fall and winter, giving a welcome refreshment break to parents who use the park year-round. Right now, they’re open early to catch passing commuter traffic for that welcome coffee on the morning drive into the city. Rocky Point Ice Cream is also open late into the evening, meaning that post-swim treat is a reality and a romantic evening stroll can take a sweet turn.

So – see you down at the park this summer?  – make mine an oatmeal brown sugar … or maybe a cookies and cream … or a lime mojito …

Rocky Point Ice Cream

2800 Murray Street, Port Moody
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  1. “We don’t have a dog but the four-legged customer outside the shop one day looked very satisfied with the new Doggy Ice Cream.”


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