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When Port Moody introduced its food waste carts a couple of years ago, I must admit I let out a loud groan. Having grown up in Scotland in the seventies, when programs such as The Good Life were inspiring urban hippie wannabes to get back to the land on their own domestic plots, I knew just how repulsive storing food waste for composting can be. Even though our garden was large enough to situate a compost heap downwind of the house, the scraps bucket at the back door soon liquefied into a slimy, evil-smelling fly paradise. At least we didn’t have bears. Or raccoons. Just maggots.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHowever, recognizing the good eco-sense behind the municipality’s decision, I pitched into Project Non-Smelly Food Waste Cart with gusto. The City’s tips on managing the ick-factor have been handy and we now use smaller, easily washable containers during the week before transferring scraps into a Kraft bag on collection day. But sometimes it all goes horribly wrong. A bag soaks through and bursts. There isn’t enough newspaper lining the bin to mop up spills. Collection is late in the day. Voila! Back to the seventies, only this time the container has house-room in the garage.

I am not that tall. I cannot reach into my bin to scrub it out. My son is old enough now to realize that sometimes a bribe is simply not worth the discomfort. This is where private enterprise steps in to the rescue.

Local residents, Marc and Amanda Perka, have the answer to the V3H’s smelly food waste bin problem. Their company, BinBath.ca offers a cart wash-and sanitize service that comes to you on your day of collection. Once you’ve signed up just leave your cart curbside and Bin Bath will do the rest.

I contacted them for a demo of their service, rounding up a couple of neighbours’ waste carts for the trial. Amanda arrived promptly at the end of her cart wash route and chatted while she dealt nimbly with my two test carts, one of which was Extremely Crusty. The custom truck she and her husband operate uses only hot water and rotating high pressure nozzles to do the deed. There are no chemicals, and no run off as all water is filtered on board through seven filtrations before being recycled for the next bins. It’s very much a self-contained unit.

Bins are hitched to the back of the truck then swung up to meet the nozzle spray. It’s very noisy but also extremely quick. Crusty bins take a couple of sessions so it makes sense to sign up for their regular service rather than let things fester. As a final touch, Amanda wields a high pressure hose to clean the outsides and hinge areas, returning customers’ bins almost clean enough to eat from. The before and after shots of Extremely Crusty bin are amazing – there’s not a trace of vegetable matter, compost slime or smell. Bin Bath works!

Food waste is now banned from Metro Vancouver landfills and must be diverted to composting. Port Moody has rolled out its food waste collection service weekly to all curbside-serviced buildings so dealing with smelly bin residue is now a domestic fact-of-life. Thankfully, companies like Bin Bath will keep the neighbourhood smelling sweet and bear-free, one bin at a time.

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Bin BathBin Bath.ca: Crusty Bin Before shotBin Bath In ActionBin Bath: Crusty Bin after wash

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