Links: This Week in Avoiding By-Elections

Dont Vote Coquitlam City Hall

Seems the excitement of the provincial election will be with us for weeks to come in Coquitlam, as the haggling over whether or not we’re having a by-election continues. After the final absentee ballots came in, Coquitlam Councillor Selina Robinson now holds a 35 vote lead over Liberal Steve Kim in Coquitlam-Maillardville. This slim margin now means we’ll have a judicial recount to make sure the count was right. In the meantime, Linda Reimer who won in Port Moody-Coquitlam has applied for an unpaid leave of absence until Jan 3rd, 2014. At that point she can quit without triggering a by-election. With one councillor out Coquitlam council could probably function just fine, but with two empty chairs, I think it would be pretty hard to avoid a vote. Technically, the city is only mandated to have six councillors, instead of the current eight. We do have experience with missing council members in the Tri-Cities. Port Coquitlam was without a Mayor for months. The cost for the by-election seems to be somewhere between $140,000-$200,000. I think we just fire up again and I’ll give you a result for around $100,000. I’ll await word from Coquitlam City Hall.

In other news, the Port Moody West Coast Express station is getting some changes to the parking situation. All this in preparation for the Evergreen line. If you park there, you’ll want to check this out.

The City of Coquitlam wants mediation to settle the Bailey Bridge issue with New Westminster. Coquitlam wants to build a 2 lane bridge, which should have been done probably back in 1935. New Westminster wants to keep the one-lane death trap until all the traffic problems of New Westminster are solved. I can’t wait until we get Skytrain here in the Tri-Cities, then start complaining about all those people in Pitt Meadows who (ugh) drive cars and move goods and stuff.

We have the June update from the Noons Creek hatchery. Luckily for these salmon, they don’t have to commute through New West.

It’s a bright June afternoon, and if you’re looking for all the events in Metro Vancouver this month, Miss 604 has you covered.

Restaurant time, and Coquitlam has their very first food cart. This Little Piggy can be found around Douglas College during the day, and at the Coquitlam Centre bus loop for the morning and afternoon rush. Mmmm…pulled pork. Check them out on Facebook.

Finally, even after making fun of New West and their five Skytrain stations, it is possible to get where you’re going on transit from the Tri-Cities right now. Translink has produced this video of Coquitlam rider Ken Bampton.

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