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On a boat Port Moody

Usually you think of boat owners, images of rich guys in funny hats come to mind. But boats also provide cover for some high end squatting, which is becoming a bit of an issue in Port Moody. Port Metro Vancouver is coming up with a harbour management plan for our little end of Burrard Inlet. After False Creek started putting time limits on how long a boat can stay there, a few of these boats can now permanently be found out this way.

The City of Port Moody released their annual report this week. Some of the highlights include the new city website, the new fire hall going up, and video streaming of council meetings. Also released were salary details, with 79 employees making more than $75,000.

Concerns are being raised about the new Port Moody Official Community Plan and the density in the east end of the City. Less attention is being paid to the west side, which after the demise of the Evergreen Line western station continues to lack a cohesive plan.

Last week we had the full rundown of the Coquitlam council hotel controversy, this week Lou Sekora responds to the charge that he was nowhere to be seen at the convention last year in Saskatoon.

The Port Moody Ecological Society is kicking off their Yellow Fish campaign for the summer. If you’d like to help paint fish on storm drains, they have kits you can pick up to get the job done.

If you’re looking for some fun things to do in the Tri-Cities, or just a reminder of some cool things we have in the area, 604 Pulse has written a post all about what you can do for fun in Coquitlam.

Thinking about pizza tonight? Who isn’t thinking about pizza on a daily basis. Now, have you ever considered getting that pizza at Thrifty Foods in Port Moody? You should.

Finally, as part of celebrating the Port Moody Centennial, Port Moody now has a youth poet laureate. Here’s Megan Edmunds reading her winning entry.

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