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Las Americas Market: Latin Food in Port Moody

Las Americas Market has been open for about two years on St. John’s Street in Port Moody just west of Ioco Road but I only just noticed it the other week. I have passed that spot numerous times as I make my way around the Tri-Cities but spotted Las Americas this time and decided to […]

Outdoor Summer Concerts in the Tri-Cities: 2013

Summer Sunday Concerts Port Moody 2013

Summer is on its way to the Tri-Cities, and we’re ready to get outside – even musicians and performing artists. If the idea of setting up your blanket in a local park, unpacking an picnic lunch and listening to some great music sounds like your idea of a great time, we have some events for […]

What’s Happening in the Tri Cities: Canada Day, Golden Spike Days, and Feed the Mayors

Golden Spike Days Port Moody 2013

This week, the end of the school year and Canada Day herald the real start of the summer so let it rip with a long weekend of Tri Cities festivity. Eat all you can with pancake breakfasts, chocolate tastings, free hot dogs and this week’s cake courtesy of Port Coquitlam. If you can still move, […]

Canada Day 2013 in the Tri-Cities

Canada Day Coquitam Port Moody Port Coquitlam 2013

Canada Day is less than a week, and w have the scoop on how to celebrate our country’s 146th birthday right here in the Tri-Cities. Read on for all the Canada Day fun! Coquitlam Canada Day in Coquitlam happens from 12:00-10:03pm at Lafarge Lake and Evergreen Cultural Centre [map]. This fabulous, free event is immensely […]

Pictures from the Port Moody Centennial Parade

Port Moody Centennial Parade

The Port Moody Centennial Parade was held this past Saturday after almost a year of planning and organizing. The residents of the Tri-Cities packed the streets all the way down the route to enjoy the sights, the colours, and of course free candy. Special congrats to Port Moody Councillor Diana Dilworth, who started out with […]

Rocky Point Sailing Association

Rocky Point Sailing Association

Attention landlubbers! Port Moody is a seafaring port, and summer is your opportunity to get out onto those gently rolling waves. Living at the head of the Burrard Inlet means easy access to ocean life. Luckily, this stretch of water is sheltered from boiling tides, sea monsters and tsunamis, providing an ideal playground in which […]

Stretching in Port Moody with Yogalates

The summer is almost here. It’s the time when the weather and your mood are best fit for exercising and taking a better care of yourself. With increased exercise comes increased muscle pain and fatigue. A great way to stretch your muscles is to join a yogalates class. Yogalates is a fun way to re-energize […]

What’s Happening in the Tri Cities: Feed the Bear and Step Out in Centennial Style

Port Moody All Nations Festival

This week we’re positively encouraging you to feed the bear, a very special bear who gives great support to our community and needs your love in return. And while you’re at it, remember his brothers in the woods and store your trash sensibly. Definitely not trash but bite-size, Evergreen presents the cream of local talent […]

Get Your Nosh on at a Coquitlam Public House

Guest submission from the Joseph Richard Group. The Joseph Richard Group is pleased to offer two exceptional locations in Coquitlam. Quickly to become a favourite with locals, is Townhall Public House in the tradition and history rich location of Maillardville. Built in 1934, in the former Jubilee Hotel, The French Quarter pub was one of […]

Links: I’m on a boat!

On a boat Port Moody

Usually you think of boat owners, images of rich guys in funny hats come to mind. But boats also provide cover for some high end squatting, which is becoming a bit of an issue in Port Moody. Port Metro Vancouver is coming up with a harbour management plan for our little end of Burrard Inlet. […]

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