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Port Moody Condos Evergreen Line development

The Tri-City News ran an editorial about the future of Skytrain centric development in Port Moody. The future of Port Moody is clearly in taller buildings with more people close enough to walk to the future Evergreen Line stations. This will undoubtedly raise the NIMBY element in Port Moody to greater heights. The thing is, it’s the only sustainable way we will continue to have population growth. My children are going to need places to live, and hopefully it will not be in my house when they are 30. Transit oriented development is the most sustainable way to do it. Our family recently took a trip to Disneyland, and on that cab ride down the I-5 from Anaheim to the Orange County airport, you can see the ugly effects of simply pushing people farther and farther out. Give me Suter Brook over that horrible sprawl any day. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.

The next Coquitlam Town Hall will be April 20th, and Coquitlam council will be using technology to increase engagement.

Port Coquitlam residents are looking at a 3.7% property tax hike, and the City breaks down what that means for service levels.

But if you’re in Poco, and you want to party for the City centennial, there are grants of up to $500 available to help you and your group celebrate the Centennial. I’m guessing the $500 isn’t to have a keg in your backyard, so try to keep your block party a little family friendly.

The Evergreen Cultural Centre’s 16th Annual Emerging Talent Art Exhibition will be featured in the Gallery of the new City Centre Branch of the Coquitlam Public Library in the months of April and May. Check out this year’s award winners next time you’re getting a book…

People’s Choice Award: Travis Anderson, The Coming Storm
ECC Special Recognition (Gold): Mieko Graham-Carty
ECC Special Recognition (Silver): Travis Anderson
ECC Special Recognition (Bronze): Pamella Pinard

If you’re into local geology, Coquitlam History has links to the motherlode of all geological surveys of the area that were recently posted online.

This week I heard from plenty of local Scout leaders, as the annual Scout Manure sale is gearing up. With the amazing weather we’ve had this Easter long weekend, when you’re thinking of your garden, give the local Scouts a hand. Take your pick…

5th Coquitlam Scouts
Saturday April 13, 2013 8am – 4pm
Hillcrest Middle School at the corner of Como Lake Ave and Thermal Dr
22 litre bags of Steer Manure, Mushroom Manure or Garden Soil: $5 per bag
Order at

1st Glenayre Scouts
Saturday, April 20th, 2013 9am – noon
More info and order at

1st Anmore Scouts
Sunday, April 21st, 2013
Village Hall Parking Lot
Order info at

Restaurant review time, and with all the new development around the Port Coquitlam Wal-Mart coming together, Robin Leung felt it was high time to visit our brand new Swiss Chalet.

Finally, back in 1936 MGM produced a travel newsreel all about Vancouver and Victoria. Thanks to Miss604 for the find.

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