2013 City-Wide Garage Sales

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With warmer days here in full force, many of us are doing some serious spring cleaning and de-cluttering. But with tight garbage limits, what do you do with the stuff you no longer want anymore? Local municipalities have the answer: city wide garage sales. You can turn your trash into someone else’s treasure, and make a little bit of money at the same time. Plus, the city will advertise the event, which means free promotion. What’s not to love?

We have the scoop on city-wide garage sales in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody for 2013.


City Wide Garage Sale Date: May 11, 2013
Registration Deadline: April 20, 2013
Notes: Residents are encouraged to participate in community recycling by hosting a garage sale. Register online, then drop by the Engineering and Public Works customer service desk at City Hall to collect your registration package full of useful tips, price stickers and other materials to assist you in having a successful garage sale. Note that if you live in a multi-mamily complex, you will need to have a Property Manager/Landlord Authorization Form completed as well.
More Info: www.coquitlam.ca/city-services/garbage-recycling/environmental-information/education-and-events.aspx

Port Coquitlam

City Wide Garage Sale Date: April 20, 2013
Registration Deadline: April 10, 2013
Notes: Held during Earth Week, the fifth annual event is part of Port Coquitlam’s ongoing waste-reduction efforts. Participants dispose of their unwanted items in an earth-friendly way, while benefiting from the additional bargain hunters drawn out by the large number of garage sales. Last year, over 125 households signed up. Participants who register by the April 10 deadline will get free advertising for their sale in two newspaper ads prior to the event, as well as on the garage sale webpage.
More Info: www.portcoquitlam.ca/garagesale

Port Moody

City Wide Garage Sale Date: May 11, 2013
Registration Deadline: May 1, 2013
Notes: Turn trash into treasure at the annual garage sale! Register your house by May 1 and the city advertise your sale in the paper and on the web at no cost. If you have gently used goods you’d like to give away, this is also your chance. Port Moody is adding a re-usable component to their garage sale.
More Info: www.portmoody.ca/index.aspx?recordid=155&page=57

Happy garage sale-ing!

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