The Tri-Cities Nacho Tour: Townhall Public House Coquitlam

Tri-Cities Nacho Tour Townhall Public House Coquitlam Maillardville

So many nachos conquered, so many nachos to go. Official Nacho Taster­® Mike Rogozinski and I continue to plow through the nacho landscape of the Tri-Cities, looking for that apex of finger food, that pinnacle of melted cheese goodness that can be held on high as the greatest nacho plate in the Tri-Cities. There have been many worthy contenders, and while the battle will continue to rage, every once in a while one plate of nachos transcends all the rest. Tonight, my friends, we have a new heavyweight champion. I introduce to you, the nacho plate of the Townhall Public House.

Townhall Public House Nachos

The Townhall Public House in Maillardville was last known as the French Quarter. The building dates back to 1934 when it was then known as the Jubliee Hotel. The workers of the former Fraser Mills would get off a long shift pulling off the green chain, and roll up the hill to raise a glass. This includes many members of my family, so perhaps this is a bit of a sentimental favourite. Our nacho tasting took place on a hockey Friday night. By the time we left there was a lineup waiting to get in, so the place was quite packed. This did not affect the quality of the service, as we were there with drinks in hand fairly quickly, and then came the nachos.

Townhall Public House Nachos CloseupOh, the nachos. First thing we noticed was the size of them. Quite a respectable sized basket. Guacamole, sour cream, and salsa in glass dishes, making them quite easy to scoop with. Very solid presentation. But once we dug in, it was love at first bite. Jalapeños, green onions, tomatoes, olives, the veggies were plentiful with a wide variety. The chips were just that right level of salt. But they were cooked to perfection, with a trick that makes all the difference. The nachos were cooked on a pan, with the hot pan laid in the basket for serving. So the cheese was melted just right on the top, but also because of the heat trapped from below, the chips closer to the bottom of the pile stayed hot with just the right level of cheese melt. Genius.

Now, these nachos aren’t the cheapest in town. Stock plate with salsa and sour cream goes for $17, Guac is another $2, and for $4 each you can add ground beef or chicken breast. But you’re eating the cadillac of nachos. We’re slapping the championship belt on these ones.

Tri-Cities Nacho Tour Score: 5 out of 5 nachos.

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