Speak Up on Transit in the Tri-Cities

Those of us who live, work or study here in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Belcarra and Anmore are being invited to join TransLink’s new Public Advisory Committee (PAC). The committee will provide community perspective into the recently-initiated Northeast Sector Area Transit Plan.

TransLink’s area transit plans identify short and long-term priorities and visiion for the transit network in a specific part of Metro Vancouver. There are seven in total. The plans consider community input, current and projected land use, and data findings like automated passenger counts. The Northeast Sector Area Transit Plan will coordinate transit planning with municipal land use planning, while keeping the future of the Tri-Cities in mind.

translink northeast sector committee transit“Input from those who live, work or study in the area, stakeholders and municipalities is key to the success of the plan,” says Bob Paddon, executive vice president, Strategic Planning and Public Affairs at TransLink. “We want to hear from people in the Northeast Sector about what works and what can work better when it comes to transit.”

Stakeholders and the public will have a variety of opportunities to provide feedback during the 18-month process, including through public consultations and online surveys. “We’re going to reach out to people regularly,” Bob says. “It’s important that we have lots of input from members of the Public Advisory Committee, stakeholders and the public so that we make better informed decisions and end up with a plan people embrace and support.”

The Public Advisory Committee members are a meaningful part of TransLink’s stakeholder and public consultation process. Input collected from the committee will be used, along with other feedback collected through consultation, to help develop TransLink’s Northeast Sector Area Transit Plan.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you have to apply by March 18, 2013 to take part. To get in on the action, visit translink.ca/nesatp for more information or to apply.

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  1. Anono Mus says:

    WoW ! Read the terms of reference for joining this PAC (public advisory committee) of Translink.
    A draconian document to control behavior of members ( the public ) and muzzel the public input. It appears that they’re looking for 12 puppets and guess who’s pulling the strings ! This is big brother 1984 horse shit formulated by unaccountable bureaucrats getting paid with our tax dollars. Enough !!!!
    The unelected unaccountable Translink mentality. I wonder what the NDP is going to do with them after the provincial election ???