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Stop! Walk away from that shelf of boxed chocolate-flavoured bunnies.  Have you read the ingredients on those?  They might be nicely packaged and have cute candy eyes, but if you saw what they’re really made of, you might think twice about letting your kids eat them this Easter season.  And trust me, there are way better tasting chocolate bunnies out there.  In fact, they can be found right here in Port Moody at Rubens Chocolate.

Rubens Chocolate, Port Moody, BCThe Art of Chocolate at Rubens Chocolate

Rubens Chocolate is named after the renowned Belgian Baroque painter, Peter Paul Rubens. It’s an appropriate name for a chocolate company who likes to think of chocolate as an art form, a canvas waiting to be creatively touched.  Their chocolates are visually creative and their unique flavours compliment their vision of “Chocolate + Art = Rubens Chocolate”.

Every season, they have specialty items in the store and Easter is no exception.  From chocolate bunnies and Easter Eggs to Hank the Duck and even an Easter Rooster.  The Easter items start at around $2.00 and go up to $95.00 for Maximus, the Easter Bunny who would probably tower over your little toddler.  But could you imagine your child’s reaction to a chocolate bunny larger than himself?  Priceless. Just don’t think about the mess you’d have to clean up afterward.

Rubens Chocolate, Port Moody, BCNeed some Easter treats for those adults in your life?  Check out Rubens’ Shotz. These chocolate sculptures filled with fine liqueurs and pralines with fusion flavours such as Chipotle Cinnamon and Strawberry Champagne will satisfy those adult tastes.  There are also organic chocolates, truffles, BC fruit gelées and so much more.  Mix and match or if you’re in a hurry, grab one of their pre-packaged boxes to go. There’s something for anyone, no matter their age or preferences.

Chocolate 101

Rubens Chocolate, Port Moody, BCAll of Rubens chocolates are made at their Coquitlam factory, JHS Chocolate Works Inc. They are the western Canadian importer of Belcolade chocolate.  Belcolade currently ranks within the top two rankings in the worldwide professional market of high quality chocolate. They are the only Belgian-owned company manufacturing couvertere chocolate, a high quality chocolate that contains extra cocoa butter that, combined with proper tempering, will provide the chocolate’s sheen look, its “snap” when broken and it’s smooth flavor.  Did you know that we had this kind of chocolate in our own backyard?

Rubens’ Other Treats

Rubens Chocolate, Port Moody, BCBesides the chocolates, Rubens has a lot of other treats to try out.  Inside this Port Moody chocolate shop is also a café where you can grab a coffee, tea, or their delicious hot chocolate where you can choose if you want white, milk or dark chocolate melted into your cup of hot milk.  But beware!  Once you try hot chocolate this way, you will not be able to go back to your powdered version.  Rubens is aware of that and have their chocolate grains already packaged from individual to larger containers so you can make your own hot chocolate at home, Rubens-style.  For something a bit more rich, try their sipping chocolate; thick melted chocolate that you can eat with a spoon.

Rubens Chocolate, Port Moody, BCThey have gelato that is also made at their Coquitlam factory and baked goods such a cupcakes, brownies and waffles, made in-house.  Michelle, the manager at Rubens, mentioned their famous Chocolate Ganache Cake and I decided to give it a try.  I must say that I am not one for cake normally but it was so moist and rich and the ganache filling so smooth, I could see why people will place orders for an entire cake.  It really is a delicious cake for that chocolate lover in your life.

The Peter Paul Rubens Plaque – from Belgium to Port Moody

Rubens Chocolate, Port Moody, BCRubens Chocolate has a unique story that you may not be know about.  There is a large, handcrafted copper plaque hanging on one of the walls in the store.  The plaque is from Belgium and depicts the artist Peter Paul Ruben.  Many years ago, it was given as a wedding gift to a couple that lived in Belgium, Rosette and Peter Temmerman.  When that couple immigrated to Canada in 1955, that was one of the few items they took to Canada with them and for years, it was hung in their home, representing the pride and culture of their homeland.

Now, jump ahead a few years and this couple’s daughter, Kathy Temmerman Howarth, ended up being friends with the sister of the owner of Rubens Chocolate.

What are the chances?  To say the least, Kathy felt like Rubens Chocolate was the perfect place to hang their heirloom and she donated the plaque to Rubens Chocolate where it proudly hangs today.

Rubens Chocolate

Stop by Rubens Chocolate to have a look at the plaque that’s proudly hung on their wall.  While there, Rubens Chocolate has an indoor and outdoor seating area so you can grab a drink, sit down and enjoy that sun that has been making an appearance lately.  And don’t forget to grab some quality Easter goodies on your way out; Maximus the Easter Bunny is looking for a home.

Rubens Chocolate

Suterbrook Village, 146 Brew Street, Port Moody

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  1. The stores seems to have closed. The space is empty but for fixtures.

    • I noticed that, as well. There was a sign on the door that said you could visit their factory outlet in Coquitlam, but I can’t recall the address offhand.

  2. Not much for sale at the new location. Really disappointed.