Adventures into the Indian Tea Culture

Soko Tea Port Moody

In the heart of Newport Village sits a small, almost imperceptible tea shop called SOKO Tea House.

Getting an Education in Tea

If you read TheV3H regularly, you’ve probably already seen this tea shop being reviewed before; so why would we review it again? Well… I want to talk about something else. This isn’t just a tea shop, you know. It is a place of educational wonder, and this is exactly how my journey towards the love of Indian teas begun.

Indian teas at SOKO Tea HouseI’ve heard about the workshops from my mother, who had wanted to try and carve out the time to go to one. This was a couple of months ago. As I waited for her to make time, I realized that, really, nothing was happening. Taking things into my own hands, I called SOKO Tea House and asked to be signed up for a workshop as soon as humanly possible. Apparently that workshop was the next day. Dragging my mom along with me on a chilly Sunday morning, I had no idea what to expect.

The inside of the shop was neat and cozy. Everything had its own place. We only had to wait for the time that it took the tea to steep and our lesson was underway. Once it was time to try the teas, we listened to the background story of each of the five teas and tasted them in small tiny cups. Each tea came from a different region, and had a different story. The stories made each tea more personal and it felt like I got to know the well hidden secrets.

How Well do you Know Your Tea?

Indian teas at SOKO Tea HouseWith a personal approach and an open learning environment, it was almost impossible to not learn something new and enjoy the process. What spices are used, how tea is made, when it is usually consumed…there was plenty of knowledge that may come in handy one day. The teas that I enjoyed the most I ended up purchasing, and the teas that I found too bitter, I left aside. Even as a person who drinks tea regularly, I learned a lot. I would definitely recommend that you attend at least one of these workshops, no matter how well you think you know your teas.

To sign up for a workshop, you must call or stop by and pay in advance to secure your spot.

There are always lots of interesting workshops. Of particular note, on April 14, 2013 there will be a workshop taught by health professionals from Healing Cedar Wellness on medicinal teas. You can check for more updates on their website.

SOKO Tea House

229 Newport Drive, Port Moody

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