Port Moody Heritage Tours: Flashback to the Past

Port Moody Station Museum Heritage House Tour

Do you remember Port Moody Mayor Mike Clay wearing shiny, golden tights on January 1st? Are you still searching for an explanation as to why these tights could have possibly been significant? Perhaps there is some historical significance to it? Something? Anything?

Port Moody Heritage Tours Celebrate the City’s History

This year, Heritage BC announced their theme for Heritage Week to be Heritage Homes and Neighbourhoods. At the same time, Port Moody is celebrating its 100th birthday. In honour of the occasion Port Moody Station Museum has selected three neighbourhoods to participate in Port Moody heritage tours, including the Seaview/College Park area, Moody Centre and Glenayre communities. All of the tours will be taking place on Sunday, February 24, 2013 from 10:00am-4:00pm.

Port Moody heritage toursSo what exactly is happening?

Ten homes will be on display in total, dating from the early 1900’s through the 1960’s. Cities like New Westminster and Vancouver have these tours annually, whereas in Port Moody this is an extremely rare and unique event. This makes it a must-see, since you never know if (or when) these Heritage Tours will come back. Also, true heritage homes are rare in Port Moody, because it has been a working-class community. The vast majority of the homes do not retain their original looks. Renovations on the old homes have consumed the city to the point where it’s easier to find a house that has been extensively remodeled.

Take a Stroll Through the Past

The Port Moody heritage tours are a flashback to the past. Tour guides will be located in each house, dressed in the styles of the years that the house was built in. Many of the houses (especially the ones in the Moody Centre area) have a great story. Perhaps an old mayor lived there? Or maybe there’s a ghost in the attic? You just never know what you might learn. Maybe along all these tours you will find an answer to the most burning question on everyone’s mind: those golden tights.

Port Moody heritage tours

One of the benefits of the Port Moody heritage tours is that they are self-guided around. You don’t depend on anyone but yourself, and there’s no rush to get through it. You can relax and really get stuck in the 1900’s. Or if that time period is not for you, take a stroll through the 1950’s. The main point is that absolutely no one controls you.

Together with the purchase of your ticket, you receive an entrance ticket to the ‘Tea and Treats’ ceremony that is run by the Port Moody Elementary School Parent Advisory Committee. The tickets are available for purchase at the Port Moody Station Museum or on their website. The cost is $30 per ticket and a day filled with new experiences and fun.

If you’d like to volunteer, or if you have any questions, you can receive more information at info@portmoodymuseum.org

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  1. Loved this and now I’m wishing I could see those gold tights!

    Thanks for explaining why there aren’t so many heritage houses in Port Moody, that makes sense. My house is over 100 yrs old but it was very working class so just as you describe, it’s lost a lot of the features that would designate it as a heritage house.