Links: Anyone worried about the Port Moody tax increase? Anyone?

Port Moody Property Tax Meeting

If the City of Port Moody holds a public consultation and nobody shows up, did it really happen? The preliminary 2013 budget for the City of Port Moody is floating a 6.65% property tax increase, but there were more councillors and staff than residents at the recent public meeting on the subject. Could it be that Port Moody residents collectively realize that the years of development funding the extensive public services enjoyed by a city of only 33,000 would eventually come to an end? Well, stranger things.

Well, maybe this public meeting will be more exciting for you. On February 13th a meeting will take place about the future of the Murray Clarke Corridor. If you can’t make the event there’s a survey you can fill out online. Clearly there hasn’t been enough discussion about the Murray Clarke Corridor. Put me down for “the overpass sucks”.

Construction is about to get underway on the Evergreen Line. Excavation work will begin east of the Barnet Highway to put the tunnel boring machine that will dig its way up the hill.

A wall hanging is being created in conjunction with the Port Moody Centennial, and you’re invited to take part. Starting on February 20th and running to March 1st, the public are invited to come down between the hours of 2-4pm and put in a stitch or two, no experience necessary. Check out the Stitching our History Facebook Page for more info.

The Port Moody Centennial Parade is coming up, and they’re looking for volunteers to fill a number of roles on Saturday, June 22nd.

Over in Coquitlam, the topic of the week seems to be affordable housing, or lack thereof. The Tri-City News has this piece laying out some of the numbers, and Councillor Terry O’Neill is firmly on the let the market decide. He points out that any effort to create affordable housing in the Tri-Cities will fall on existing taxpayers. I’m not sure where I come down on this one. The fact is most of us are only able to own homes here because of timing. I bought in 2003. There’s no way I could afford to live here with the prices as they are today. I got lucky, and any of you who bought your houses before the massive run up of the last 10-15 years are even luckier. The fact is more and better paying jobs can be found the closer you are to downtown Vancouver. But to get to those jobs you can’t live in Hatzic. So we’re going to economically ghettoize anyone who comes along now without the help of family for the massive down payments needed to get even the most basic of apartments. That being said, the market is the market. But none of us should ever think we are able to live here because we just made good choices in life and others didn’t. I got lucky, and when retiring Baby Boomers cash out of their close to million dollar homes they bought for $150,000 in the 80’s, hopefully they won’t let it go to their heads.

It’s February, and Miss604 has the events in Metro Vancouver that you want to go to.

Finally, the Port Coquitlam business forum has a new video about doing business in Poco. Check it out.

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