Children’s Gallery Opens at Port Moody Arts Centre

Port Moody Arts Centre Children's Gallery

Port Moody Arts Centre has a new Children’s Gallery, and this weekend they’re opening their inaugural exhibition. The festivities to kick off the exhibition will happen on Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 2:00pm at the Arts Centre on St. Johns Street. The artworks on display were all created by children from Aspenwood Elementary School, during a workshop with the Port Moody Arts Centre’s Artist in Residence Shari Pratt.

Exploring Portraiture

The Aspenwood students and Shari collaborated to explore the rich theme of portraiture. On December 4, 2012, Shari led a two hour workshop with students of Becky Greenhow’s Grade five class. Through this workshop, students were given a glimpse into the world of contemporary art. They also shared the day with a professional artist and a professional curator in their own classroom. The students were encouraged to use their own memories and imaginations to create their portraits, using high quality art materials and testing new techniques taught by Shari.

Four Exhibitions Each Year

If your kids don’t go to Aspenwood Elementary, never fear. The Children’s Gallery will host four exhibitions each year, showcasing artwork created by students in school district 43. As with this inaugural exhibition, material for future exhibitions will be created through a series of workshops. The workshops will be conducted by the Port Moody Art Centre’s Gallery Coordinator, and exhibiting artists. These sessions will allow the children to learn and explore new ways of expressing themselves
through art. They’ll also give each facilitator the chance to leave his or her mark on the children they teach.

Drop by the Arts Centre

You can drop by the Port Moody Arts Centre seven days a week to see the art on exhibition in the Children’s Gallery. If you have a budding artist or two on your hands, this is a great chance to show them just what kids can do. The centre is also full of budding artists and musicians, fostering a rich creative environment for all ages.

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