The Tri-Cities Nacho Tour: Frog and Nightgown Pub

Frog and Nightgown Pub Nacho Tour Coquitlam

Frog and Nightgown Pub has a couple things going for it right off the bat. First of all, this was highly recommended by commenters, our Facebook Friends, and folks who have emailed in. Second, it is literally a 5 minute walk from my house. That is within the golden “stumbling distance”, which everyone should have in their neighbourhood. It still feels a little subversive to me to have a pub within stumbling distance. I grew up in Abbotsford back in the 20th century. And the scariest thing in Abbotsford according to our city council and many of our fine residents were drinking establishments. Knowing the horrors that await anyone that lives within multiple kilometers of a bar, we bought our house with trepidation, waiting for the hoards of drunks ready to pee on our lawn in broad daylight. Turns out they couldn’t be better neighbours.

That being said, while we have enjoyed having the liquor store that close, I hadn’t been inside the pub in many years. When they got rid of smoking in pubs, the Frog and Nightgown really dragged their feet. So after coming home from a meal smelling like an ashtray, I just never went back. It was time to try it again, and with Official Nacho Taster­® Mike Rogozinski once again in tow, it was time to hit the Frog.

The first thing we noticed was actually in the parking lot. On the north side of the lot are some really lovely trees. Clearly wanting the trees to live a good long life, the management of the pub put signs up asking people not to back their cars in. Despite the signs, there were two cars backed in. These patrons were our kind of people. Rules don’t apply to them. With this spirit of “don’t mess with my freedom”, we pressed forward in search of the chips and cheese.

The place has been nicely renovated since my last visit, and all vestiges of the smoky old bar have been swept away. We took a booth in the back with a personal TV set. Out came the nachos.

Right off the bat, the chips were really quite good. A good salt balance. The vegetables were really well done. Perfect size and a good mix of onions, olives, and jalapeños. The nachos were also cooked very nicely. The cheese had a great melt to it, without putting off the taste of the chips.

There were a couple drawbacks that were hard to ignore. First off was the use of a nacho chip salsa and sour cream bowls. This may be personal preference, but Mike found it really hard to get the salsa out of the small opening in the nacho bowls. Second, there just wasn’t enough cheese. With all the strong points that these nachos brought, if you scrimp on the cheese, it’s kinda like dropping your partner in pairs figure skating. Marks come off pretty quickly. But since they nailed a lot of things with these nachos, these are solidly in the pack.

One thing to note about Frog and Nightgown was the fantastic service. Our server had a full room, but everyone had drinks in their hands, the food came out quickly, and with a smile on her face. So overall, the pub was a great experience. We’ll definitely be stumbling down there again.

Tri-Cities Nacho Tour Score: 3 out of 5 nachos.

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