Port Moody Neighbourhood Guides Live

John Grasty of RealEstateEvolved.com has teamed up with the team here at TheV3H.com to create a set of comprehensive guides to the neighbourhoods of Port Moody.

It’s always been the goal of our team to create online resources that help everyone who lives in the Tri-Cities feel more connected as a community. When residents or potential residents are trying to decide where to live, having this kind of information readily available is invaluable.

John Grasty agrees. “New people coming into Port Moody – and there are a lot of them – often have many questions,” says Grasty. “I’ve provided seminars to them for over five years now, and had a good response. These profiles are just another way of accessing that information, as they decide where to live and learn about local amenities and services.”

There are more people moving to Port Moody all the time. In 1996 the population was 20,847. Its current estimated population is 34,000 – a 63% increase. With big changes coming to the community in the form of the Evergreen Line and ongoing development, the time is ripe to create these comprehensive neighbourhood guides. They can be accessed online at RealEstateEvolved.com, and under the Neighbourhoods tab on TheV3H.com.

Whether you’re planning on moving to a new neighbourhood within Port Moody, you’re moving to Port Moody from another city, or you just want to know what resources are available in your own backyard, we believe the guides are a valuable resource. When you know how to access services, where to go shopping, and what changes are coming to your community, you feel more connected and life is just better. We’re thrilled to be able to bring a little bit more of that to Port Moody, and hope to be able to do the same thing for the other municipalities in the Tri-Cities soon.

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  1. It’s my pleasure to continue to grow my long-term relationship with theV3H, and share valuable resources for the benefit of our communities. A big thank you to Amber and Jon. Happy Holidays everyone.

  2. Nice job Jon, John and Amber! This is a great resource for the community.