Port Moody Kicks Off its Centennial

Port Moody Centennial Penguin Plunge 2012

Port Moody will turn 100 years old in 2013, and the city is getting ready to celebrate. The year-long festivities will kick off on January 1, 2013 at Rocky Point Park. It’s your chance to learn more about – and take part in – local history. Come in costume, because there will be a contest.

The fun kicks off at 11:00am. You’re invited to drop by the heated tent or to warm up by the bonfire. There will be entertainment, historical photos on display, and artifacts courtesy of Port Moody Station Museum. If you’re feeling brave, you can also sign up for the Penguin Plunge.

At 11:30am, kids can have their faces painted for free. Everyone can enjoy a complimentary cupcake and cup of hot chocolate. At 12:20pm, judges will select the best costume. You should probably start planning yours now.

Things get official at 12:40pm, when Mayor Mike Clay will address the crowd and unveil the Centennial Flag. Did you even know there would be a flag? We only just found out ourselves, and we’re already beside ourselves at the suspense. At 12:50pm you should be on the pier, because the official Port Moody Centennial photo will be taken, to be included in the Centennial Time Capsule. Just think – people in 100 years can look at it and wonder what was with all those costumes.

Finally, at 1:00pm, it’s time for the Penguin Plunge. This annual favourite sees local residents jumping into the frigid waters of the Inlet, just for fun. Meanwhile, others watch them and shake their heads, just for fun. Whether you enjoy taking the plunge or viewing from the sidelines, it’s not to be missed.

Happy birthday, Port Moody!

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