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Port Moody Taxes 2013

So turns out the City of Port Moody hasn’t been collecting enough in the way of taxes to pay for all that stuff they do. Port Moody Council is looking to change all that in one fell swoop with a proposed 6.65% tax increase in 2013. Mayor Mike Clay expects everyone to “freak out”, so at least he’s under no illusions. Let’s face it, for a city of around 33,000 people, Port Moody has a lot of amenities. Of course, the fact that a city of 33,000 exists at all when they could just buddy up with the other city halls within 20 minutes of each other…don’t get me started on the amalgamation thing again. Looking at it further though, the average increase for the average home is going to be $22 higher than it is in Coquitlam, with their oh so fiscally prudent total of 3.34% including the utilities. But $22 is $22 less than you’re going to be able to spend at the local cafe.

Last week we brought you the story of the potential senior criminals ready to invade Coquitlam. This week the residents are in favour of letting the seniors home go through, claiming that they didn’t know it was going to be a seniors residence. I say stay vigilant Marmont Street. Those seniors are just lulling you into complacency.

Coquitlam council is deferring making changes to the traffic patterns around Eagle Ridge Elementary. I’m mostly mentioning this because my kid goes to that school, and the morning traffic is a little on the freaky side. The fact is there is no place to drop off the kids on quite a steep hill, and Councillor Mae Reid’s idea just ticketing everyone doesn’t fix the problem. We’re lucky in that we can walk our kids to school from here, but I can fully understand people need to get to work and end up driving. Just dumping your kid somewhere near the vicinity of Guildford and hoping for the best isn’t happening.

After years of thinking the whole thing was dead, Port Moody’s new radio station is finally on the air. CKPM 98.7 FM has been pumping out the Christmas tunes since they signed on. It will be interesting to see how the operation unfolds in the coming months.

Speaking of local media, Tri-Cities Community Television are having their Annual General Meeting this Sunday at 1 PM in the Nancy Bennett Room at the Poirier Library in Coquitlam.

The Coquitlam Foundation’s grant and bursary program is back. All applications must be in by Feb 15th, 2013.

This year Coquitlam Centre will be donating $1 for every child that visits Santa through their Holiday Hearts program. Kids can write their name on the heart and choose one of five charities before hanging it on the tree. Judging from the number of kids who line up to see Santa at the mall, it should be a good chunk of change when it all finishes up on Christmas Eve.

If your kid has a good set of pipes and can make an audition video, they have a shot at appearing on the Variety Show of Hearts Telethon. Variety’s Got Talent is looking for videos to be submitted between Jan 2nd to 16th, 2013, so practice up with the karaoke machine over the holidays.

Meal time! coffee.foodies grab some grub at Good Friends Korean Restaurant in Coquitlam.

And finally we are big fans of Place Des Arts, and not only because they are a solid advertiser here. Our son and daughter have taken some great classes there over the years. PDA has just released a new video, check it out.

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