Hemp Hemp Hooray

A new business has opened in Port Coquitlam, with a niche market that isn’t being serviced in the Tri-Cities. In fact, the next closest competition is in Vancouver or Mission. Specializing in hemp products, pipes and other smoking paraphernalia, Hemp Hemp Hooray opened in mid-November and has been ‘super busy’ ever since.

Hemp Hemp Hooray Port Coquitlam Store

Hemp Hemp Hooray wall mural

Wide Variety at Port Coquitlam Hemp Store

You can see the distinctive mural from the street, and it is no less impressive from inside the store. One long wall of the store is covered by art portraying a ‘smoking babe’ created by local artist Amanda Smart. Hemp Hemp Hooray owner Adrian Lace utilizes this funky backdrop to showcase a wide and varied selection of glass pipes or ‘bongs’ that will astound the uninitiated. The various pipes range from stylish ‘art’ pieces in the shapes of animals or guns to colourful glass creations that more closely resemble a more stereotypical pipe form.

Prices range up to $1500 for these all glass pieces, whether you buy a complete pipe or customize your own by purchasing various twists and tubes. Also on sale but currently sold out are vapourizer units – the latest in high-tech smoking. These electronic devices vapourize the smoking material rather than actually burn it, thereby avoiding the harmful effects associated with smoking – in theory anyway. The old stand-by rolling papers are available as well and the selection includes at least a half dozen flavours for your smoking pleasure.

More Than Smoking Paraphernalia

Hemp Hemp Hooray Port Coquitlam Store

Artistic glass pipes

If you are not interested in smoking paraphernalia for your flavoured tobacco or marijuana, Hemp Hemp Hooray also stocks a line of clothing made from hemp fibre and hemp/bamboo blends. They have styles for men and women but it seems the average clothing customer is male.  A number of shirts, hoodies and jackets line one wall and brands include Hemp Hoodlamb, from Amsterdam and Nomads Hemp Wear that is BC based.

Certainly Hemp Hemp Hooray targets a specific demographic or sub-culture, and it seems reactions have been mixed from neighbours in Port Coquitlam. Some brought fruit as a welcome gift, while others have expressed concern over the potential clientele, the products on display and the possible influence on children passing by. Either way Hemp Hemp Hooray has gone through the usual channels at city hall and is running a legitimate, and so far successful, business. Just don’t ask if they have anything available to put in your pipe, because they don’t carry that.

Hemp Hemp Hooray

2811 Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam

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