Clever Cupcakes: Healthy Treats, Birthday Parties and More

Delicious in Pink

Located on Northern Avenue in Coquitlam behind Coquitlam Town Centre, Clever Cupcakes is a cozy and inviting little shop that serves up tasty and healthy cupcakes. Yes, I said healthy cupcakes. A major objective of Clever Cupcakes is to provide a quality product that is not only tasty, but a reasonable alternative to processed treats. Clever Cupcakes products contain 100% natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives, and are all made on site. Juan and Elsa Escobedo founded Clever Cupcakes and continue to run the business today under the mission statement ‘Cupcakes hold strong as a symbol of childhood innocence and parental love. Clever Cupcakes will strive to keep this symbol intact while offering a healthier choice to the health conscientious customer.’ In my experience, they’ve certainly embraced their mission.

Clever Cupcakes Coquitlam

Cupcake Display: tasty treats all in a row

As well as selling cupcakes from the stocked and colourful display case, Clever Cupcakes provides baking for businesses, weddings, school fundraisers and in-house birthday parties. Our little girl recently celebrated her fifth birthday there and our little bakers had a really great time. Juan seated the boisterous group around a bright pink table and explained to the group that they would each receive a box for their cupcake that required decorating. The kids dove into the project with the supplied stickers, crayons and glitter and created one-of-a-kind boxes for their precious cargo. The kids were then provided chef’s hats and aprons that they were welcome to customize. Juan’s kindly and patient manner won over the kids and soon they were excited to visit the baking area to see how the cupcakes were made.

AClever Cupcakes Coquitlam

Amateur cupcake made by a five year old

After the complete tour, the kids were each given a fresh cupcake to decorate with any combination of icing, sprinkles and other edible decorations. The kids really had fun and sure looked cute in their matching white chef outfits. Overall, with the ease of planning for us, the excellent service at Clever Cupcakes and the reasonable cost, having the birthday party outside of our home proved to be a winning recipe.

Clever Cupcakes

2985 Northern Avenue, Unit 109, Coquitlam

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