The Tri-Cities Nacho Tour: Samz Neighbourhood Pub in Port Coquitlam

Nacho Tour Samz Neighbourhood Pub Port Coquiltam

The Tri-Cities Nacho Tour is picking up steam, and we won’t rest until every nacho in the Tri-Cities has been conquered. Or until we succumb to congestive heart failure from all the pub food. Either way.

For this installment, Official Nacho Taster­® Mike Rogozinski and I braved the wilds of Port Coquitlam and paid a visit to Samz Neighbourhood Pub. I’ve had a few experiences going to Samz, and all have been very positive except for a Chamber of Commerce Mayor’s BBQ a few years back when the air conditioning broke, leaving a packed room a little stifled. Come to think of it though, Samz always seems to be packed, which is a testament to the popularity of the place. When I say packed though, it’s never uncomfortable. The tables have very nice spacing and with all the sports happening on all the TVs around you, it’s always a relaxed and enjoyable experience. This particular Friday night stop of the Nacho Tour was no exception.

Samz Pub Port CoquitlamOn to the plate we’ve all been waiting for. The nachos arrived nice and warm, accompanied by salsa and sour cream. Right off the bat you can tell someone took the time to properly layer the cheese. It’s an often overlooked art, but getting a little cheese on all the nachos, so you don’t end up with a dry layer of lameness underneath the primo nachos on top is always worth an extra nacho the official Nacho Tour rating system. A good variety of vegetables, including banana peppers. Something you don’t often see, but really added to the dish. Chips were a solid performer, I prefer a little more salty, Mike thought it was just the right level of salt. Could be my Tostitos-influenced upbringing.

Samz Pub Port CoquiltamThe melt on the cheese was just right. Not too runny, not too hard, just right. The balance of the jalapeños to olive ratio gave it that nice balance. The nacho plate was a good size for sharing, and should last you at least half a basketball game. Overall one of the better nacho places we’ve had in the Tri-Cities. Although I still have the presentation at St. James Well a notch above, the Samz nacho plate is added to the pantheon.

Tri-Cities Nacho Tour Score: 4 out of 5 nachos.

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