A Little Bit of Italian Flavour with Pasta Polo

Pasta Polo Coquitlam Restaurant

What exactly is Pasta Polo? Many have probably heard of it, but because it isn’t a chain you may not know what to expect. Visiting the Coquitlam restaurant at its Barnet Highway location for the first time, to my surprise I discovered that Pasta Polo is a wonderful medium-sized restaurant where organic and pasta can truly be used in the same sentence. It is a place with affordable prices, and where portions are of unpredictable sizes. It is a really good place to eat, with excellent food and a great atmosphere.

Friendly Service and Big Portions

Pasta Polo Coquitlam Restaurant ReviewWhen I ordered my food, I found that the service was friendly and nice. It seemed like although they were quite busy at the time, they had gone out of their way to make sure I was settled in and looked after. Yet my most memorable moment was when I got my food order. There were two giant pieces of chicken and what seemed like enough pasta to feed me for the next three days. I definitely wasn’t able to finish my food right then and there. So if you are a hearty eater, Pasta Polo won’t leave you starving. If you prefer the smaller portions, be prepared that most likely you will have at least a lunch for tomorrow. 

Welcoming Atmosphere at this Coquitlam Restaurant

Pasta Polo Coquitlam Restaurant ReviewI didn’t dress up into anything particularly special, although I tried to look somewhat nice. However, after observing the other customers, there really is no particular dress code. Everyone was dressed for their own occasion. A couple that came down for a lunch date was dressed differently than a family who had come down to have a lunch out. Inside the lights are dim and soft, which provides you with a calm, relaxed feeling. During a warm sunny day you can sit outside on the veranda. Although the view isn’t much, you can observe the mountainous landscape. The feeling of eating outside is great for a summer day. Since it’s November, though, the soft and dim atmosphere is perfect for setting the mood.

I recommend Pasta Polo as a nice place to stop by for lunch or dinner. The food is excellent, the service is great and despite being in an obscure location – the atmosphere at this Coquitlam restaurant is great.

Pasta Polo

2754 Barnet Highway, Coquitlam

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