You Can’t Beat Vera’s Meat!

Veras Burger Shack Port Moody

As a long time fan of Vera’s Burger Shack I was excited to learn there was a location opening in Port Moody at Newport Village.

The Scoop on Vera’s Burger Shack

Vera's Burger Shack at Newport Village, Port Moody - opening soon!

Vera’s Burger Shack at Newport Village, Port Moody – opening soon!

Vera’s Burger Shack started out as a beach concession in 1977 and has grown into a Lower Mainland chain (plus one in Ontario) that is consistently called ‘Best Burger’ in Vancouver. The Georgia Straight’s Golden Plates Reader’s Choice Awards Best Hamburger, WE’s Best in the City Reader’s Choice Award Best Hamburger and The Courier’s Stars of Vancouver Reader’s Choice Awards Best Hamburger – the accolades just keep coming in. If you have not tried one yet, head over to the new location NOW, because it’s open! With a restaurant right here in the Tri-Cities you have no more excuses.

Made Fresh to Order

BBQ at Vera's Burger Shack

BBQ Burger at Vera’s Burger Shack

The burgers start out fresh and are made to order so expect to wait just a little bit longer than the ‘other guys’ who have pre-cooked their patties. Also, I appreciate that they are served slightly pink in the middle, which is just how I like it and a rare find (if you’ll pardon the pun) these days at a fast food joint. And while Vera’s is obviously famous for burgers, don’t underestimate the fries. The fries are double-fried, which is the traditional method used in Belgium, the birthplace of fries. Basically they are cooked at a slightly lower temperature, removed from the oil and then fried again at a higher heat to crisp up the outside. I really did like them a lot.

A Mouthful and a Half

French fries at Vera's Burger Shack

French fries at Vera’s Burger Shack

But back to the burger! Ah yes, the burger…I really, really like the burgers at Vera’s. I had to sample the fare at the Surrey location on Fraser Highway as I was in the neighbourhood and the location at Newport Village was not open yet. The burger is a big mouthful on any day and even bigger if you choose one of their many feature burgers – I visited on a Wednesday so indulged in a BBQ burger as it was on sale. Imagine an already large burger with the addition of provolone, bacon, fried onion and BBQ sauce – better grab an extra napkin! I won’t list all the possible combinations – that’s what menus are for – but they are plentiful and I am sure you will find something that satisfies your cravings. The good news is if you don’t find your favourite on the first visit, you can have fun working your way through the whole list.

Vera’s Burger Shack

254A Newport Drive, Port Moody

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  1. Worst Restaurant Ever!!! We went here for dinner tonight and it was absolutely terrible!
    The service was bad, the food was bad (no flavor,and soggy) and I know I definitely over paid. So I go and ask to talk to a manager after all’s said and done… the manager looks at me like a deer in headlights and some one else comes off the line and says to me “we’re new, we haven’t had our grand opening yet and we are still training our staff.” That’s not my problem! If you can’t deliver a product that is consistent to what is expected of a brand then you shouldn’t be charging full price or better yet not be open until you can deliver on that expectation! $40 down the drain 🙁
    I’m sad to say McDonalds would have been better!

  2. We went here for first time tonight and still I feel bad about what I ate. The girl who made our burgers use her bare hands to put ingredients on our burgers, she squeezed pickles right in front of us and then put them on our burgers, when I told her that I do not like it when someone touches my food this much, she threw them out and started to make new burgers for me but even the second time she did not use the available tong and again used her bare hands to put tomatoes, pickles (this time she did not squeeze them) and lettuce on burgers, (I can’t say she did it on propose even after I asked her to do not use your hands instead of the tong). So I asked to talk to a manager and someone else came and said to me “This is Vera’s procedure to use bare hands and we are committed to wash our hands before touching the meat” and the girl said in all the restaurants they use bare hands to make the food, she did not mentioned any things about squeezing the ingredients. It seems the guy who brought the tong for them did not tell them when and how they should use it. I think after all of the recent problems with meat and E-coli, they should consider public health more seriously and not risk it.

  3. Tried this place once before and was not impressed, but we were close by and pressed for time so we decided to give them a second shot. What a mistake! Everything we ordered was burnt, and tasted like they had not changed their fryer oil, ever. When you spend $27 for 2 hamburgers you expect them to be edible. We only took a couple bites and were so disgusted we took all the food back to the counter. The manager did NOT refund our money, but offered us a gift certificate (like we would ever want to eat more of their burnt food that leaves a gross, greasy aftertaste in your mouth!!!) My advice: Don’t go there. You can get a delicious, nutritious meal for that much money at almost any other restaurant on the planet.