Curling Open House: Fun for Everyone in Port Moody

Port Moody Curling Port Moody Rec Centre

During a recent visit to the Port Moody Rec Centre, I decided to try curling. Luckily, there was a curling open house that day. From 9:00am to 3:00pm the Port Moody Curling Club promised to teach us the basics, and show us what all the fuss was about. The first thing I heard about curling from one of the volunteers there was that “If you know how to walk and chew gum, you can curl.” All right, that seemed not as bad as I thought. They made us do a few stretches, which I was very grateful for the next day and we went inside the rink. It was quite chilly on the actual rink, so if you go avoid my mistake and wear some layers and warm clothes.

Try Curling in Port Moody

The hands-on method of learning curling was helpful in trying to get the feel for the pace of the game. Throwing the rocks and sweeping gave an extraordinary rush. Although the air was freezing cold, it seemed like the time flew by as everyone played and learned. In no time at all it was lunchtime and the pizza was here. In curling, there is a tradition to go and eat pizza and drink a couple of beers with your teammates and sometimes opponents after the game. The sport itself is a very friendly and fun way to get to know the members of your community. According to one of the long time curlers I met at the open house, “There is a lot of gossiping that goes on when we are on ice.”

Clinics and Leagues

This curling season, Port Moody Recreational Centre will have Learn to Curl clinics. The clinics consist of five lessons, by the end of which you should be able to play a full game. If you really do enjoy curling, there’s always a chance to become a member of the team. However joining the league requires commitment, so the third option is to come in on Sundays for drop-in. You should really know some basics of the game before you sign up for the drop-in league, though, so taking a clinic is a good idea.

Learn to Curl costs $55.00 for five sessions. The next round of classes starts November 14, 2012. The drop-in curling league, for the more experienced players, runs Sundays from 6:00-8:00pm until December 16, 2012. It’s $10/drop-in, or $80 for 10 sessions. For more information check out

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