Links: Pet cemetery not coming, but centennials are

Pet Cemetery Coquitlam

I like haunted houses, but my 4 year old is decidedly in the other camp this year. So there’s something for everyone at the Non Scary Haunted Halloween House for Variety – Coquitlam. It runs until the 31st from 6:30pm – 9pm each night at 443 Draycott Street in Coquitlam. Admission by donation.

Speaking of things that are a little spooky, the City of Coquitlam will not be getting a publicly-run pet cemetery. If you want to honour your pet, you can dedicate a tree, plaque, or bench – although the city does limit those as well.

The centennials of Port Moody and Port Coquitlam are just around the corner, and both cities are seeking volunteers to help make the events special. You can visit the Port Moody Centennial webpage, or Poco’s 100th page. Poco is also looking for submissions for a multimedia exhibit celebrating the 100th.

The City of Port Moody is on the lookout for a new police chief, after Brad Parker announced his retirement effective June of 2013.

The City of Coquitlam is giving nearly $1 million in property tax breaks to 49 properties, including 30 churches. Now this represents 0.85% of the tax base in 2013, so it’s not huge money. That being said, the tradition of excusing churches from property taxes seems to be one of those sacred cows that cities are loathe to change. It’s not as if these churches don’t have revenue, and it amounts to a rather large subsidy that we all have to pay for. Clearly worth thinking about.

In the blogs of Coquitlam counsellors this week, Terry O’Neill is floating the idea of virtual town hall meetings. I say let the comments fly, but from our experience here, I can tell you way way more people are content to sit back and read then get involved in the conversation. Selina Robinson is talking the Coquitlam strategic plan.

Restaurant reviews? Robin Leung gets his fingers dirty at the new Fatburger in Coquitlam. Coffee.Foodies enjoys a little brunch at Onyx Steakhouse in Port Moody.

Finally, Youtube user solusrex takes us on a guided tour of Port Coquitlam, from the perspective of an ultralight plane. Spectacular footage of our little corner of the world.

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