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Rocky Point Park Port Moody Pay Parking

Hey, it’s 10 – 11 – 12 today. I hope your day is as well lined up as the numbers in the date.

Who loves a library? I love a library. Perhaps it’s my love of books. Perhaps it’s my love of telling people to be quiet. Perhaps it’s my firm belief that there’s a wild woman underneath the glasses and hair bun of the librarian. Either way, the new City Centre library branch is set to open next month. The books will start crossing the street on Oct 22nd.

For anyone who has tried to park at Rocky Point Park on a nice summer day, you know that finding a spot can be tough. Port Moody council is thinking about parking in the city, and one of those options is meters at Rocky Point and the recreation complex. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg thing. Since Port Moody doesn’t have a lot of pay parking (I can only really think of the West Coast Express station and the Port Moody Museum on nice days), it’s pretty easy to avoid the meter. The question is whether putting up meters would just send people parking elsewhere. At least at Rocky Point you have a pretty captive audience. The rec centre, not so much. I’m guessing paving paradise wasn’t seriously considered.

Speaking of songs from the 70’s, Coquitlam could be going to the “Y – M – C – A“. The Y is looking at the potential of entering into a partnership with the City of Coquitlam to build a new 55,000-square foot facility. A study will take place, and we’ll see what happens.

School has been back in session for a month, and we’re rapidly discovering that there are a lot of kids in this town. School District 43 is the third biggest in the province, and they aren’t going to be able to build schools fast enough.

Crossroads Hospice Society is going to have a booth at Coquitlam Centre from today thru the weekend. They will be promoting awareness, the annual gala event Treasures of Christmas, and selling raffle tickets to win a cruise. All the money raised goes towards the hospice and the great work they do. Treasures of Christmas is coming up on Saturday, November 24th at the Red Robinson Theatre in Coquitlam.

This weekend the Rotary Clubs of the Tri-Cities are running the Generous Hearts Food Drive. They’ll be at the IGA and Thrifty stores in Port Moody and Coquitlam, and Save on Foods in Port Coquitlam. All food donated will go to the Share Food Bank.

The Coquitlam library blog, I Was Told There’d Be Cake, is looking for young bloggers aged 12 and under to review their favourite library book, movie or CD. There’s prizes!

Restaurant reviews? Robin Leung hits the new location of Fuji Sushi in Port Moody, and Me+Food tucks into some Pajo’s, also in Port Moody.

Finally want to go for a bike ride? Check out Youtube user VanCity2012 as they cruise through the Tri-Cities.

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