Evergreen’s 2012/2013 Season Launch Party: Sneak Peaks and Sweet Temptations

I had a plan.  I love theatre productions while my husband often falls asleep during them.  But, I knew that Coquitlam’s Evergreen Cultural Centre provides such an array of shows that I was sure there would be something he would enjoy.  It was just a matter of figuring out how to convince him.  And then up popped an email in my inbox the other day about Evergreen Cultural Centre’s 2012/2013 Season Launch Party.  It was going to be an evening of entertainment, sparkling wine and desserts.  And best of all, it was free!  I RSVP’d for two.

2012/2013 Season Highlights

Evergreen Cultural Centre Season Launch PartyEvergreen Cultural Centre’s Season Launch Party was an opportunity to have a sneak peak at their 2012/2013 line-up of shows.  The event happened one Saturday night in late September and started out with mingling in the lobby as the Leo Bae Jazz Band played some great mood music in the background.  There were salty munchies of peanuts and such to tempt us towards the cash bar to quench our thirst. We still managed to make our way into the theatre for the 7:00pm show.

Evergreen Cultural Centre Season Launch PartyA Powerpoint presentation showed what would be happening at Evergreen Cultural Centre this season as well as new ideas being introduced.  There will be over 70 performances that the Evergreen Cultural Centre will bring in as well as many Community Arts Groups that will fill the nights with shows.  From Visual Arts in their art gallery to Performing Arts in their theatre, it sounds like it will be a well-rounded season.  Highlights mentioned included Musical Mornings with Sara Hagen and Guests, four different shows during the December holiday season including “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and their family series that will include “La Diva Malbouffa”.

What’s New?

Evergreen Cultural Centre Season Launch PartyDuring the presentation they explained the adult and children’s programs that were being offered this year including painting and acting classes.  And realizing that they were underserving the teenage demographics Evergreen Cultural Centre is introducing a new program this year called Teens @ Evergreen.  They are currently accepting applications for this program, but closing dates are soon.  Check out the details at Teens @ Evergreen.

Another two new programs are the Tuesday Pre-Show Chat and Talk Back Thursday. These events are free and part of each of Evergreen’s six theatre presentations. Tuesday Pre-Show Chat is an opportunity to engage in entertaining topics related to the play prior to the show while Talk Back Thursday is your chance to partake in a Q&A after the show with cast, director or Evergreen staff.

Live Performances

Throughout the presentation we were treated to live glimpses of upcoming shows including the humourous performance of Diana Frances and Ellie Harvie as they entertained the audience with their improve comedy from their Leave it To Cleavage production that will be showing at the Evergreen Cultural Centre on April 13, 2013.

Mei Han gave a stellar performance on the Chinese zheng.  She was representing her four-woman group, Red Chamber, a plucked string ensemble that is inspired by traditional Chinese sounds mixed with a contemporary flavour.  It was a mesmerizing performance from the lady who was considered the best zheng player in the world at the age of 19.  The full ensemble will be performing on February 3, 2013.

We also had a bluesy guitar performance by Glenn Chatten of Raising Change and a quirky, musical performance from Bree Greig & Veda Hille of the theatrical production, “Do You Want What I Have Got?  A Craigslist Cantata.”

Launch Party a Success

From comedies to tragedies and music to art, there is going to be something for everyone this season.  And in saying that, my husband is wanting to see Red Chamber’s show as well as the comedy “Henry and Alice:  Into the Wild”.  And after enjoying the sweet temptations and sparkling wine offered, we bought tickets for this week’s “The Number 14”, described as a Monty Python meets Mr. Bean explosion of fun. So Coquitlam’s Evergreen Cultural Centre’s Season Launch party was a success. I’m going to the theatre!

Evergreen Cultural Centre

1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam

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